Operation Hunt: 168 bait vehicles towed to date

Nothing surprises us anymore with dishonest tow companies and property managers, as selected ones have allowed to date, 168 bait vehicles to be towed from parking lots that fail to comply with 2308.301 and 302. This operation has been underway since October 5th and teams are enjoying themselves watching the thieves at work.

It’s difficult to understand why TDLR would issue a license to persons convicted of auto theft, larceny and vehicle burglaries, then do not hold them responsible for committing violations of State Law, they all took continuing education hours to even be issued a license.

This operation will continue until the end of the month, as we have more than 200 selected towns to plant bait vehicles in, then comes the filing of complaints and trips to courtrooms with our attorneys to collect our pot of goal.

Deployment: 745 vehicles

Team Members: 1475

Funding: Assessments paid by insurance companies

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