Open Letter to TDLR & Licensees for 2015

We would request someone within TDLR contact the Facilities Commission about posting “legal” tow signs at the parking lot your downtown staff parks in as the current tow signage is non-compliant.

Illegal tow signs posted TDLR's Headquarters directly across from Governor's Mansion.

Illegal tow signs posted TDLR’s Headquarters directly across from Governor’s Mansion.

This alone sends the wrong message to licensees who TDLR continues to issue fines, for towing without legal signs posted, when your own agency headquarters’ parking lot is illegal to tow from because of illegal tow signs posted by a Licensee with 84 pending investigations of complaints filed by vehicle owners and operators.

We would also request an audit be conducted of all complaints filed against towing, booting and storage programs since Jan 2013 to present, for the number of complaints rejected vs forwarded to Enforcement for investigation after review by Legal Assistants.

We know based on fact, that valid complaints with documented proof filed by vehicle owners, operators and lienholders is rejected..

For a regulatory agency to regulate, everybody has to apply the law instead opinion when it involves documented violations of the law, the regulatory agency is responsible for enforcing. We see this often in the Courts during tow hearings.

We know based on fact, our organization’s auditors has filed just hundreds of complaints with TDLR in just the last month, clearing out our database, that contains release documentation, tow company receipts, photographs, video and recorded conversations obtain during our Strike Team’s Covert Sting Operations around the state for vehicle owners and operators.

We also find it appalling TDLR would issue an Incident Management Tow Truck Operator license to a MS13 gang member. These are serious issues we are positive the legislature will address in the upcoming session to protect the public.

I have full faith TDLR will do their best to control the predatory towing that has taken over our State. I don’t think it will stop anytime soon, the public is hurting financially because of it and based on history, it will continue as long as felons are allowed to engage in criminal conduct daily with a TDLR license in hand with impunity and TDLR Commissioners issue $1 fines with a payment plan!

Our organization is now 12,000 member strong, based in four regions of the state and we will not relent in our efforts to bring about compliance of the law with regards to towing, booting and vehicle storage facilities.

Our dedicated teams of prosecutors stand ready to prosecute those whom violate the law at the hands of the public and they will pay for their desires to commit fraud against the public!

A tow truck or boot operator or vehicle storage facility employee will never know whom they are conducting business with and their actions will decide the extent of having the privilege to have a TDLR License.

Spotters working for tow companies, be advised your being watched as well and tow truck operators, those of you working for a tow company that solicited a bribe to the parking facility your towing vehicles from, you best watch your back as many residents and guests of apartment complexes are subscribers of Texas Towing Compliance whom read about your sneaky methods daily…

Don’t second guess a vehicle owner or operator who doesn’t speak or understand English when attempting to tow their vehicle or charge a drop fee, as we made sure all languages spoken understand their rights upon visiting our website.

Do it Right or Don’t Do It All, as you be will caught!

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