Southwest Towing & Saucedo’s Towing Only San Marcos Tow Companies Providing Legal Tow Signs

Southwest Towing and Saucedo’s Towing of San Marcos is the only tow companies in San Marcos to begin replacing their outdated tow signs with the legal tow sign required by State Law, which includes the additional information required by the San Marcos City Ordinance. Mike Saucedo has notified their accounts that no towing will take place until the tow signs is updated to avoid costly litigation for both his business and the parking facility.  Both parties stated they will not sacrifice their integrity for financial gain. Parking facilities in San Marcos best beware, the total cost of accepting bribes of tow companies in the form of parking lot striping, gift cards, sign installation, parking permits, mouse pads, note pads, office supplies, etc is $8500 minimum per vehicle.

State Law allows Southwest Towing to provide you the tow sign for free, but they can’t install it for free.

SWT Construction will install all the signs, that includes post, mounting hardware for $10 each to be installed in a method to secure the tow sign from vandalism, “facing” the driver when entering at the correct locations to prevent the parking facility from losing in Court.

On some parking facilities, the install fee maybe higher due to ground where the sign has to be installed such asphalt or concrete.  Southwest Towing, unlike other San Marcos tow companies, has Workers Compensation Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance, a must for any parking facility that allows towing.

It’s recommended the parking facilities that now use Southwest Towing, that you update your towing agreement as Southwest Towing has a new and improved towing agreement to better serve your needs.

The other tow companies have decided not to replace their outdated tow signs placing parking facility owners/managers at grave financial liability and costly litigation.  If the tow sign posted at your property says “Towing Enforced At All Times”, expect to pay damages to the vehicle owner, as there is no way you will prevail in Court.

Tow Hearing only allows the Court to award the towing fees, court costs and costs of photographs.

Statutory Violation Lawsuit allows the Court to award $1000 plus triple damages including the costs of repairs for damage to your vehicle during the towing and storage.

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