Once Again, TDLR Commissioners Responsible For Waste of Tax Dollars

TDLR Commissioners

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott must take control of the Commissioners of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR), as their cronyism and incompetent decisions as body is a total waste of our tax dollars, an insult to the hard work of TDLR employees without forgetting the thousands of work hours they put in to protect the consumers of State of Texas.

The voting actions of the TDLR Commissioners is promoting a culture of corruption and without a doubt  harming the Texas Economy by allowing the robbing the bank accounts of  the motoring public and businesses who suffer a the hands of unscrupulous licensee.

At today’s monthly meeting, their actions and behavior is totally irresponsible and outright disgusting, as many of the were laughing, giggling like children and rendering bad decisions, that were totally against what the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) and Prosecutors sought to bring compliance among licensees.

Case in point, the case against Atlas Towing & Recovery, a “criminal enterprise” designated by Texas Towing Compliance and members of law enforcement. The main issue in cases against Atlas is illegal tow signs posted at parking facilities they are basically stealing vehicles from. San Antonio Police Department Detective Michalek and Arcuri worked tireless hours to bring criminal charges against the property managers due to fact not one possessed a valid 255 document, much less non-compliant tow signs per the signage guidelines in Occupations Code 2308.302 and 302.  The Law Office of James Meyrat who represents tow victims has won countless lawsuits against property owners who use Atlas Towing.

legal TDLR tow sign example

                                                                                legal TDLR tow sign example

The ALJ and TDLR sought a $4000 fine and full revocation of Atlas’ tow company license given the fact this was Atlas’ third violation and Atlas deserves it given the fact they have taken advantaged of hundreds of San Antonio citizens and members of the military. At the ends of day, these incompetent Commissioners voted to fine Atlas $500 and no revocation of their tow company license.

We seriously doubt the actions of the current TDLR Commissioners is NOT want Governor Abbott promoted during his campaign to represent the Great State of Texas and it’s citizens.

The public is encouraged to write or email Governor Abbott demanding change and/or the removal of every TDLR Commissioner as these folks who contributed to former Texas Governor Perry do not represent the State of Texas or the Texas Constitution nor the employees of TDLR, who are prohibited from expressing their thoughts about this group appointees who fail to recognize their work efforts.

The following Commissioners below decided Atlas deserved special treatment with a $500 and no revocation of their tow company license:

For those who choose to watch the above bring DISGRACE to State of Texas and TDLR, below is today’s monthly kangaroo commissioner’s meeting.

It’s important that anyone who comes in contact with a tow truck operator, tow company, vehicle storage facility or vehicle storage facility employees and paid money to get your vehicle back, to file all four TDLR complaints as your complaint will be investigated and TDLR prosecutors will do everything in their power to mediate these investigations resulting fines and suspensions, instead of risking incompetent decisions by Commissioners….

Do not hesitate after being towed by Atlas Towing, as attorney James Meyrat (210-735-9911) will score  a decisive victory for all victims against the property managers, business owners and landowners who have Atlas’ illegal tow signs posted.


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