Old TDLR Complaints Comeback to Bite With A Vengeance

Kuntz and Francis

There is never a dull moment when comes to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation when you are issued one their agency’s occupations license.

Case in point: Tony Belmonte in 2014 owned Master Auto Body & Paint Vehicle Storage Facility, at a time when his company was at the brunt complaints being filed with TDLR by students residing in the Avenues Apartments, that William Capp, now owner of Will Tow, was operating his tow truck on Tony’s tow company license and towing vehicles to Tony’s storage facility. As a result, Mr. Belmonte is responsible for the actions of not only William Capp, but his own misdeeds of collecting tow fees, in addition to storage facilities fee he knew were not legal.

Therefore, TDLR issued him personally, an administrative fine of $5,300.

It’s just like traffic tickets, if you don’t take care of business, the inevitable will happen when you least expect it…


County: HAYS
Zip Code: 78666

License #(s): 5902936vsf, 4996

Complaint # VSF20140003280

Date: 1/19/2016

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $5,300.

Respondent issued a notification which failed to include all the required information; Respondent failed to have sign posted at the VSF which listed all the forms of payment accepted by the VSF; Respondent’s records failed to include all the required information; Respondent failed to have all VSF employees complete the required drug testing.
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