Nicholas Massey, 37 Years Old, President of Merlin Transport & Avalon Storage Services TDLR Battle Update

Nick Massey

John Nicholas Massey, born July 26, 1979, President of Merlin Transport and Avalon Storage Services have been battling the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for well over 10 years, for continued violations of State Law, all well documented. Through his lawyer, James Mosser, Massey has pulled just about every stunts to prolong the debacle, which he has little chance of prevailing. No other TDLR licensee has taken the approach of Mr. Massey, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and the countless hours of State of Texas tax dollars and manpower hours. The bottom line remains the same, TDLR Prosecutors want to revoke Massey’s tow company and vehicle storage facility licenses and issue him $100K+ administrative fine, which he deserves.

The following are the most recent SOAH cases filings reference the villain of Southlake, Texas:

Download (PDF, 168KB)

Download (PDF, 132KB)

Download (PDF, 482KB)

Download (PDF, 40KB)

Massey knows he has little chance of prevailing in this matter and choose to operate his businesses in an extremely dishonest and unscrupulous manner.

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