Motorists Burned Daily by Wrecker Drivers in Austin, Texas

It’s shame that wrecker drivers are taking advantage of motorist daily in the Austin area by charging fees they are not allowed, just because a motorist is unaware of a local city ordinance. Time and time again and it makes no difference what race or language you speak, a dishonest wrecker driver, will demand payment while hooked up to a vehicle in a private parking lot.

Some local towing companies boast on their website how honest hardworking they are in reality, they nothing more than petty criminals preying on the public.

It’s always cash only with some wrecker drivers telling motorist they will give them a ride to the nearest ATM, to steal your money or they will impound your vehicle.

The recent towing scam during the Texas – Texas A&M game in Austin involving Franklin Service Station Inc dba J&J Towing is just one example of many, that a member company of Austin Towing Association, knowingly towed without authorization as many as 20 vehicles from a parking lot near the stadium. This incident should be more than enough for the City of Austin to require a city contractor to disallow J&J Towing to tow anymore vehicles from city managed property!

This repeated dishonesty among towing companies in Austin is having a negative impact on the public and tourism.

The Legislature needs to step up to plate and pass legislation that increases the penalty for illegal towing, as there is no deterrent now to keep the towing industry honest. A towing company could, and has many times, impound 200 vehicles, all but 3 may complain to law enforcement or take the time the contest the legality.

Greed drives dishonesty and those individuals, rather it be the wrecker driver, vehicle storage facility employees or property manager, who commits fraud, should be jailed, bottom line!

Avoid being overcharged in a parking lot in Austin, call 911 and have a police officer come settle the issue.

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit
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