More Proof We Make A Difference When Fighting Tow Companies in Court

We know what we are talking about when it comes to the Texas Towing Law, more so than most police departments and even TDLR. The following is an email from a victim of illegal towing in the Harlingen area as this victim doesn’t speak or spell English well but after a 45 minute call prior to walking in the courtroom with me, he left court a winner with his vehicle ordered released at no charge.

I wanted advise from someone who knew how to handle a towing co situation I call this site actually the same day I was going to court my truck had been in the pound for 47 days. I did as I was advised to say and it all went extremely well within 15 minutes of court time, I had my truck in my possession the towing guy didn’t even have time to speak they had impounded my vehicle from my own private property just cus some person said that my truck was abandoned at my own property that person had no authority and the towing co believed them the judge right away dismissed the case and ordered the towing co to just give me back my vehicle they were in violation in many ways. Not even tdlr advised me like this site, tdlr said to me that All Valley Towing had no violations and the local judge say they did. Thank you so much Mr. Johnson ur advise will be always be remember by me since that old truck was my fathers who had just passed away in July 2015 and that truck meant so much to me once again thank you.

This worthless predatory tow company is a member of the Southwest Tow Operators, an organization known for creating nightmares in the public’s lives.

Making a difference in people’s lives after being victimized by predatory towing is what the Texas Towing Compliance website is for, as we make a difference!

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