Misuse of Private Information by Convicted Felons

Several towing companies are obtaining your personal information from your vehicle registration information linked to the license plates on your vehicle thru their access contract with TxDMV.

TxDMV allows Vehicle Storage Facilities thru a contract to obtain vehicle registration information for vehicles that are stored without the consent of the vehicle owner to verify ownership. But, many towing company employees are running registrations in violation of the Driver Protection Act for reasons prohibited by State and Federal Law.

If you ask a police officer to run someone’s vehicle license plate, they will tell you they are not allowed to, but any towing company that operates their own vehicle storage facility, any of their employees or friends, who could be convicted felons, could obtain your personal information.

I know this is happening, because I was told by a TxDMV staff person, that my vehicle license plate had been ran by 4 different towing companies numerous times, yet my vehicle has never been towed or stored at any of the 4 towing company’s vehicle storage facility.

Should you receive a certified letter from a towing company advising you that your vehicle’s registration or inspection sticker is expired, subject to being towed, your personal information has been compromised.

Keep in mind, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations has issued Vehicle Storage Facility Employee Licenses to thousands of convicted felons over the past 3 years.

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