Marty’s City Auto Stung After Burning Vehicle Owner at VSF – $1750 TDLR Fine


Several months ago, we received a letter from an attorney representing this company claiming our website slandered Marty’s reference an article where we stated this company routinely violates the law and tows vehicles without the owner’s consent in violation of State Law.

Our response to this attorney, which never responded, they are crooks, is not Slander, because they continue to conduct business operations without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. Given the sheer fact, some 184,989 subscribers are from the greater Houston area, who spend their weekends in Galveston, they know their rights, learned from this website, and how to gather the evidence should they be towed by Marty’s or any tow company, are filing the TDLR complaints.

The Galveston Police Department chooses to not the enforce the Towing, Storage & Booting Act, where the law requires them to enforce law, instead of allowing tow companies to knowingly violate the law with impunity. TDLR on the other way is prosecuting tow companies for violations, that carry a criminal charge (2308.405), for the administrative violation of the same offense, with the tow companies signing agreed orders admitting they broke the law.

Lord behold, a couple of vehicle owners were towed, the conduct at Marty’s vehicle storage facility, was documented by the vehicle owners from the time they arrived at 520 44th Street upon driving out of the vehicle storage facility after paying, video recording every vehicle within the vehicle storage facility, noting vehicles that were not secured.  Upon returning home, one from Houston, the other from Jersey Village, downloaded their video, scanned their release documents and, then emailed them to Texas Towing Compliance to review.

Based on all of the evidence, violations were documented and a report was emailed back the victims with the next process, filing the TDLR Complaints, and do to their due diligence, TDLR assigned an investigator, who conducted an investigation based on the complaints which yielded addition violations that resulted in a TDLR fine of $1750.00.

Marty’s website states: We believe in treating our customers fairly because we want your business now, and far into the future.

Given the fact Marty’s is a member of the Southwest Tow Operators Ponzi Scheme, we DO NOT recommend anyone call this company!

Company: MARTY’S CITY AUTO 0002176VSF
Zip Code: 77550Company: MARTY’S CITY AUTO INC
Zip Code: 77550 License #: 2176VSFComplaint # VSF20140014964
Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $1,750. Respondent failed to issue notification to a vehicle’s owner and all recorded lien holders within five days of receipt of a stored vehicle registered in this state; Respondent failed to secure vehicles in the VSF to prevent theft.
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