Major Tow Scam Involving University of North Texas & On The Road Again

The University of North Texas and On The Road Again has been scamming students by towing their vehicles from campus parking lots with illegal tow signs and storing their vehicles at an unlicensed vehicle storage facility relocated by On The Road Again, another corrupt tow company in Denton County.

Any and everyone towed or booted by these corrupt entities is encouraged to file the TDLR complaints for Unlicensed Activity against UNT and On The Road Again for towing your vehicle to an unlicensed vehicle storage facility, from parking lots with illegal tow signs posted and not having written authorization nor a valid 255 Document from UNT.

Everyone is owed big bucks for this illegal behavior and are encouraged to contact the Law Office of Karen McRae at (214) 828-7147 to recover the $1000 plus triple damages, including the cost of repairs done to your vehicle during the towing process.

Universities, Municipalities, Counties and Colleges are NOT exempt from having to obey the Occupations Code Title 14. Regulation of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Chapter 2308.

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