Lubbock Wrecker Service issued $2000 TDLR Fine

Lubbock Wrecker Crooks

Lubbock Wrecker Service (Lubbock PD tow contractor) claims to be the best wrecker service in the Lubbock area, but in reality are nothing more than scam artists targeting the college students of Texas Tech and their parents. After a series of news stories and complaints filed against them with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, it was proven they are crooks as TDLR investigators determined they are towing vehicles from parking lots with zero tow signs posted. If the tow sign is illegal, then there is no tow signs posted. It’s important to remember, the tow sign must be facing the driver upon entering, not the street and cannot be posted any further than 25′ from the street.

The best route to recover damages from the towing of your vehicle, is not the file the for the TOW HEARING. but instead FILE THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT LAWSUIT FOR STATUTORY VIOLATIONS against the property management company, business owner and landowner leaving out the tow company… Paying the $300 to get your vehicle back in Lubbock equals $2000.

Always file the TDLR Complaint against the vehicle storage facility and the tow company, as the results below prove nobody is exempt.

Zip Code: 79408 License #: 30950

Complaint # TOW20140021021

Date: 2/2/2016

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $2,000.

Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking facility that did not have the required signage prohibiting unauthorized vehicles.

Always take a photo of the tow sign your vehicle is towed from prior to going to the storage facility to retrieve your vehicle. Follow these instruction when arriving at the storage facility so your rights will not be violated.

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