Longhorn Wrecker Victims Score Big Wins in Court

fails to state “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Owner or Operator Expense” & 24/7 added to “Towing Enforced” makes the sign illegal. 2 statutory violations on this sign

The towing signs provided by Longhorn Wrecker in Dallas fail to comply with the minimum requirement of the Texas Towing Law, because they fail to state: “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner or Operator Expense”.
Anyone towed by Longhorn Wrecker should contact the Texas Towing Compliance Prosecution Teams. They will represent you with no upfront legal fees to file a Statutory Violation or a Theft Liability Lawsuit against the landowner, tow company and property management company.
Some towing company owners believe they can add language to these required phrases in “quotes”, but this phrase is a statutory requirement, just like the word “STOP” on a stop sign.
No sign posted within 25′ of roadway

Everyone towed by Longhorn Wrecker should file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation for illegal towing signs posted.

The owners and drivers of Longhorn continue to steal vehicles and hold them hostage until their extortion fee is paid.

Prosecution Teams:  817-253-9999 and 512-236-1114

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit www.texastowingcompliance.com
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