Longhorn Wrecker Scammed Hundreds in DFW Metroplex – $43,950 TDLR Fine


Patrick at Longhorn Wrecker Inc enjoyed taking advantage of the public to line his pockets with ill-gotten proceeds for years, always hiding behind federal preemption. But with federal preemption no longer in play after the Stop Predatory Towing Act was signed into law by President Obama, TDLR prosecutors lowered the boom on one of the many dishonest tow companies in the Dallas area, at 1825 California Crossing. Longhorn’s tow company license is currently not active, but on payment hold.


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Lnghorn.2.18.16TDLR/SOAH  :this is an illegal sign

Anyone towed with a tow sign that states as the sign is above is entitled to $1000 plus three times what you paid in addition to the cost of repairs to fix your vehicles, as a result of towing or storage.


County: DALLAS
Zip Code: 75220 License #: 6127047CComplaint # TOW20140008464
Date: 2/8/2016

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $43,950. An administrative penalty of $32,950 is assessed for TOW20130017536, TOW20130017847, TOW20130021175, TOW20130022466, TOW20140001027, TOW20140001635, TOW20140001673, TOW20140001870, TOW20140002197, TOW20140002212, TOW2014006164, TOW20140010966, TOW20140008261, TOW20140008464, TOW20140010641, TOW20140011591, TOW20140013245, TOWE20140013303, TOW20140013838, TOW20140015491, and TOW20140015777; and an administrative penalty of $11,000 is assessed for VSF20120009678, VSF20130015037, VSF20140002987, and VSF20130023417. Respondent’s Vehicle Storage Facility license is placed on a one year probated revocation beginning the date of this order. Respondent’s Tow Company license is placed on a one year probated revocation beginning the date of this order. Respondent shall pay multiple vehicle owners fees that were overcharged to each owner.

Respondent failed to have any Form T liability insurance in force; Respondent failed to accept payment by electronic check, debit, card, or credit card; Respondent failed to allow an individual to inspect the tow ticket after demonstrating right to possession of a motor vehicle; Respondent charged an additional fee for storage which is not authorized by law; Respondent failed to notify consumer and service recipients of all required Department information; Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking facility that did not have the required signage prohibiting unauthorized vehicles; Respondent charged an impoundment fee but the written bill for services did not specify the exact services performed for that fee and the dates those services were performed; Respondent failed to have sign posted at the VSF listing all the documents that may be presented to obtain possession of the vehicle; Respondent failed to have the required information in its published notices; Respondent failed to make reasonable efforts necessary for the storage a vehicle; Respondent failed to have an all-weather surface; Respondent failed to have the proper signage on both sides of the tow truck; Respondent’s tow truck failed to have a legible manufacturer’s data plate or a document from the manufacturer stating the capacity of the boom, winch, and carrying mechanism; Respondent failed to prepare and issue a tow ticket for each nonconsent tow; Respondent required cash for a drop fee; Respondent towed a vehicle that was authorized to park on the property. Respondent provided something of value (parking permits) to a parking facility;


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