Lone Star Wrecker Service of Corpus Christi Loses Tow Hearing


Eric Cantu (moron), the owner of Lone Star Wrecker Service (LSWS) of Corpus Christi got set in his place earlier today in JP Diaz’s Court during a tow hearing. The moron of LSWS told the Judge she was not doing as other JPs with regards to ruling in his favor regardless if the tow was illegal. The victim in this case lives at the Land End Apartments and was towed for being double parked. Cantu told the Judge the reason the property manager didn’t appear in Court was because he (not an attorney) was representing them. That didn’t set well with the Judge.

During cross examination by the victim of Eric Cantu, he squirmed when asked direct questions, such as having in his possession to show the Court, the 255 document that stated the apartment complex installed the legal tow signs in the correct location. His answer was no. Then Cantu was asked about the reason her vehicle was towed, Cantu stated the vehicle was double parked and the parking regulations she sign stated her vehicle would be towed for this reason.

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Little did Cantu know, due to his membership in the Southwest Tow Operators, he has little control over Justice of the Peace Diaz in Portland, Texas where we advised anyone towed by Lone Star Wrecker Service to file their tow hearing and Small Claims Lawsuit for 404 Violations, instead of the JP Courts in Corpus Christi as the Judges are corrupt.

Now comes the good part, when a Small Claims Lawsuit for Statutory Violations is filed against the property management and the landowner of the Land Ends Apartments, leaving the LSWS out the next round of the fight, that will reward the victim with $2000.

The King of Thieves, LSWS stated they will appeal, but who cares, we are now going after his account, which most will likely cancel his tow contract due to financial misery and negative media coverage they are about to endure.

Anybody towed in anwhere in San Patricio County by Lone Star are recommended to file all tow hearing cases and lawsuits with nobody but JP Karen Diaz.

This Judge can be trusted to uphold the law as she didn’t accept Cantu’s dirty money disguised as bribes for favorable ruling as some have in Nueces County courtrooms the FBI will take care of.

Between the victims and this Judge, they will teach the Cantu Criminal Organization, there business model is now welcome and take Court action, in addition filing criminal charges against any property owner who authorized the tow by Lone Star Wrecker Service.

“Money does not always buy justice. especially with Karen Diaz” and that aggravates Eric Cantu he can’t control the Judiciary.

Texas Towing Compliance strike and outreach teams with bait vehicles are conducting operations in both Nueces and San Patricio counties thru Dec 12th.

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