K&K Towing Stealing Vehicles in Southeast Texas

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K&K Towing, in Liberty, Texas has committed a huge mistake, by removing vehicles without the owner’s consent from a public street in Bridge City, Texas without law enforcement authority and towing them to Beaumont, Texas. Folks, this is outright auto theft and their drivers are subject to arrest, as K&K Towing lacks the required tow company permits issued by the Bridge City Police Department.

The owner of K&K Towing, Shawna Koch Kreuzer enjoys the life of stealing the money from hardworking folks and especially, the low-income disabled folks around the Beaumont, Bridge City, Nederland, Liberty and communities where property managers, property owners and businesses handily accept illegal kickbacks in return for the right to terrorize people.

This issue of towing vehicles from public streets without law enforcement authority, is going to hurt and her tow truck operators who sneak around in parking lots in the early morning hours while people are asleep shows just how dishonest this company is. Don’t get us wrong, there is a growing number of these predatory tow companies around the state, where their drivers are assaulted on a regular basis, in the process of breaking into a locked vehicle, loading the vehicle on dollies and while attempting to collect a drop fee when the vehicle is not ready to transport.

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Even the tow sign provided, in most cases installed as well, do not follow State Law based on the requirement of the statement of hours and days towing is enforced. This requirement is based on the “authorization to tow” document, which is basically a tow contract between the tow company and parking facility. There is three distinctive type of tow and booting contracts; 24HR Patrol; Limited Patrol (certain hours); and Request.

To give the public some idea of how dishonest K&K and most of the “predatory” tow companies operate, is the tow sign, as shown above, that can be provided at no cost to parking facility. The statute specifically states,  a “statement” of the “hours” and “days” towing is enforced. The definition, according to the dictionary, for the word “hours”, is any specific time of day; such as “24″ Hours, not the “At All Hours” and the “Days” added into the phrase on the sign, lacks the numerical number of days, such as “7”. It’s important to note, with a Limited Patrol tow contract, towing will only occur during a certain time period.

Next issue of importance on the sign above, it informs a vehicle owner or operator your vehicle will be towed for an expired inspection or registration sticker. But according to State Law, the only authorized method to remove a vehicle for this reason from an apartment complex, mobile home community, HOA or condominium community, can only occur, after the apartment complex, not the tow company, mails a Certified Letter to the Vehicle Owner informing them, their vehicle is subject to being towed, if the registration is not updated by the 10th day after the postmark. To many victims to count in the Beaumont area whom been unknowingly victimized by this expired sticker scam. Watch the entire video above reference this scam and you will understand how you were scammed and per state law are owed $1000 plus three times what you paid, payable by your property manager and landowner.

This sign above also states they will tow your vehicle for “taking up two spaces” and “parked on the grass”, these two reasons are not authorized by State Law, but John Q Citizens doesn’t know that and just pays for their vehicle, not knowing what they just paid is in comparison to purchasing a $2 Lottery scratch off tickets and winning $2000 if your paid $300. Print the TDLR case below and take it to Court with you, that states these reasons they towed your vehicle is not allowed, as that tow truck operator just stole your vehicles and forced you to pay their ransom to get it back.

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Regardless why your vehicle is towed by these criminals, doing nothing about it is just what they want, but a vehicle owner or operator should pursue action when burned by a predatory tow truck operator and do whatever is necessary to stop them from stealing your vehicle from where you live.

If you live in apartment complex, set your alarm for 4am, as between 4am and 6am, these predators in tow trucks are searching for their next prey like vultures flying around a dead animal and address the issue, even if the vehicle is not yours that is being towed, approach the tow truck driver and say, “DO NOT TOW MY VEHICLE”, State Law forbids a tow truck operator from proving ownership as they must disengage from the vehicle and leave the parking lot.

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If you have to retrieve your vehicle from either of K&K’s Storage Lots, it’s extremely important everyone follow the Storage Facility Procedures while recording the entire episode at their storage lots. Never ever sign any of their paperwork unless you want become a victim ID Theft. Make sure any documents they give you, are legible. After paying at their storage lot, you should receive no less than three (3) sheets of paper: (1) tow/storage receipt; (2) copy of nonconsent tow fee schedule; and a copy of the inventory, if charged the $20 Impound Fee. The tow/storage receipt must provide the name of the “person” who authorized the tow, not the name of the business. This is a State Law requirement the name of the person, their full name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number with the area code. As you can see above, the receipt is not legible, do not leave until you are provided a legible copy with all the required information and under no circumstance, sign any of their business paperwork. Should they refuse to release your vehicle after payment has been submitted because you refuse to sign their paperwork, call the Police, and file a TDLR complaint against their vehicle storage facility license.

Whatever you do when a tow truck driver ask to tow your vehicle, under no circumstance should ever sign their tow ticket or expected to be screwed!

K&K claims on their website, to proudly serve Liberty County, the Golden Triangle and surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because they enjoy the fact local police departments do not enforce the Towing, Storage & Booting Law and very few cities regulate the private property tow and drop fees, so they can collect the state cap of $255, plus an additional $40 is storage fees.

All victims of K&K, towed without your consent are encouraged to leave a comment on their Google+ page to warn others….

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Since neither Ernest or Shawna Kreuzer refuse to talk with those their tow company has taken advantage of financially at their office, drop by their house in Port Neches at 721 Riffle Avenue, while spending a low budget weekend at Port Neches Park with your family, since they robbed you of your money.

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