K & K Towing Stashing Impounds Instead of Towing Directly to Their Storage Facility

A Texas Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering Company

  A Texas Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering Company

The Kreuzer Crime Family has more problems on their horizon than they can ever imagine, given the fact, every vehicle they have towed, charged a drop fee or sold at public auction in the past two years, has been done so without probable cause, due to their illegal tow signs, giving something of value in connection with the removal of vehicles, their drivers burglarizing locked vehicles with the intent of stealing personal property, towing vehicle for reasons prohibited by State Law and now, confirmed “stashing” impounds towed from their accounts to a location that is not licensed vehicle storage facilities, prior to arriving at Beaumont location on Cardinal Drive.

The Bridge City, Groves, Lumberton, Nederland, Orange, Sour Lake and Port Arthur police departments have been made aware of  K & K’s criminal conduct by TDLR and a law enforcement representative on the TDLR Towing, Storage & Booting Advisory Board, as their officers are watching them every time seen entering an apartment complex in their cities, since their tow truck drivers are knowingly stealing vehicles.

Shawna Kruezer’s own business paperwork exposes just how corrupt her business is, given the fact, the release paperwork provided to a vehicle owner towed from Groves, states the vehicle was towed at 4:05am and arrived at their storage lot in Beaumont at 4:15am, when in fact the vehicle was actually towed at 2:26am.  Two of our strike team members with the vehicle owner in the vehicle, drove the speed limit from the Groves location to their Cardinal Drive in Beaumont vehicle storage facility in 32 minutes.  What we do know, that Shawna Kreuzer doesn’t know, is the vehicle in question, was equipped with an anti-theft device with live GPS that indicates the vehicle was towed to another location, other than their Beaumont storage facility, left for about one hour and thirty-eight minutes, before being moved to the vehicle storage facility. Dishonest tow companies should be aware, victims of criminal behavior divulge more information to our organization, turned over to law enforcement and TDLR once fully investigated, that usually leads to an arrest and a property management company or business owner paying the civil penalties for the actions of their tow company to the vehicle owner.

We also know for a fact, based on a former employee and several apartment complex property managers, K & K’s employees are mailing the required Certified Letters for vehicles with expired inspection/registration stickers at the expense of Shawna Kreuzer, a direct violation of State Law that prohibits a tow company from providing anything of value, directly or indirectly to a parking facility owner in connection with the removal of a vehicle, since the postage, envelope, fee to obtain vehicle registration information and document cost money, as Certified Mail will not be delivered unless the postage is paid.

The public in Chambers, Hardin, Jefferson, Liberty and Orange counties need to be aware, if your vehicles are towed by K & K Towing, it’s imperative you file the TDLR complaints against them, file criminal charges against both the tow truck operator, property manager or business owner and within two years of the date of tow, file the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations in Justice Court to recover the statutory damages you are entitled to per Occupations Code 2308.404. This process is not a Tow Hearing and if you do not have any money to pay the filing fees, all Justice Courts in Texas have the form you can fill out that waives the filing fees based on income.


The red and white tow signs mounted on green post at parking lot that K & K Towing is stealing vehicles from DO NOT comply with STATE LAW per a TDLR investigator who has already investigated a few complaints, but have many more to go, since we have exposed this predatory tow company operating in Southeast Texas targeting minorities, senior citizens, college students and low-income apartment complexes.

We don’t encourage violence towards their tow truck drivers, but they “are stealing and burglarizing” vehicles between 10pm and 6am seven days a week.

Should you become a victim of this dishonest predatory tow company, call the owner, Shawna Kreuzer of Port Neches, Texas on her personal cellphone at 936-776-9374, if she refuses to answer, send her a text message, or go pay her a visit at her home in Port Neches at 721 Riffle Avenue, but then again, she refused to cooperate with the business investigator of Better Business Bureau of Southeast Texas to address the mounting complaints against her business. (FILE THE BBB COMPLAINTS ALSO)

Criminal Tow Company Image

Under no circumstance ever sign any of K & K’s paperwork or tow tickets per State Law and always contest the towing of your vehicle, if your involved in a traffic accident, make sure you tell the police officer on scene, you do not want K & K towing your disabled vehicle. Should you call for roadside assistance from any motor club membership, be sure to tell the roadside assistance call taker not to send this company to help you or expect to be taken advantage of, as they cannot be trusted due to their illegal business practices.

For the record, a LEGAL tow sign is shown below, as not every tow sign you might see is legal because of improper layout, omitted statutory verbiage, is not posted on the parking facility within 25′ of a public roadway or facing the driver upon entry, rather entering through an exit or entrance.

Park Right Sign - Covered Parking Reserved

Should your property manager tell you to take it up with the tow company after your vehicle has been towed, it’s because they are just as dishonest as the tow company, as your property manager gave K & K Towing authorization to tow your vehicle in the first place. The tow truck driver who towed your vehicle, the property manager or business owner, along with Ernest and Shawna Kreuzer should be arrested and prosecuted for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, as all of them enriched themselves at the expense of a victim of a criminal offense.


Since Ernest and Shawna Kreuzer refuse to talk with those their tow company has taken advantage of financially at their office, we encourage those vehicle owners and operators call/text Shawna’s cell phone number, 936-776-9374, or just drop by their house in Port Neches at 721 Riffle Avenue, while spending a low budget weekend at Port Neches Park with your family, since they robbed you of your money and your only means of transportation.

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