K & K Towing Southeast Texas Update – Arm Yourselves With Mace/Pepper Spray

A Texas Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering Company

A Texas Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering Company

K & K Towing continues to tow vehicles in violation of State Law due to their illegal tow signs and lining the pockets of those who hire them to terrorize the public, unabated, as local law enforcement is addressing the issue at a snail’s pace. Therefore, we recommend the public, instead of resorting to violence to stop Kreuzer’s drivers from stealing your vehicles or charging authorized drop fees to buy:

Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray – Pocket

One of our most popular defense sprays… Mace Triple Action combines the Maximum Strength Formula of OC Pepper and Invisible UV Marking Dye with the added power of CN Tear Gas that induces profuse tearing, shortness of breath, and disorient the tow truck driver. The advantage of Mace Triple Action is that you don’t necessarily have to spray your attacker directly in the face, even if you miss and hit them in the chest, the tear gas will immediately start to affect them. This Triple Action Pocket model features the original Mace Flip & Grip design for safe and fumble-free defense. The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim. Additionally, its compact size and key chain make it ideal to keep with your keys or quickly tuck into a pocket or purse before going out. You can safely DEFEND YOURSELF in a threatening situation with the extreme power of Triple Action Formula… 10% OC Pepper, invisible UV marking dye that can help police find your attacker, and CN Tear Gas. Just spray and get away! $18.99 plus sales tax/shipping order here NOW ASAP, as this will get their driver’s attention to moment you spray them inside their tow trucks.
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