K & K Towing SETX Update


The terrible reign of the parking lot pirates has ended, effective January 1, 2016.

Shawna Kreuzer, owner of K & K Towing is creating more problems for her private property accounts than both of them can ever imagine, with the latest comments she has made to investigators.  This nonsense her company is protected by Federal Deregulation wholes about as much weight as pin to a balloon, given the fact Congress passed the Stop Predatory Towing Act attached to the $340 billion highway and transit bill after President Obama signed it into law.

K & K Towing is a member of a specific “kind” in the towing industry, that gives the entire towing industry a bad reputation as described below:

The ones who snag your car during the three minutes you ran into CVS to pick up a prescription.

The ones who make millions of dollars baiting deserted parking lots and using spotters at all hours of the night to tow you away.

The ones who hold your car hostage for more than $300 in towing and storage fees.

The ones who hooked a car with kids inside it.

The ones who have towed cars with dogs inside.

The ones who get taken to court and rarely pay more than a small fine when a judge finds that they improperly and illegally seized — and damaged — your vehicle.

Yeah, those guys.

According to an email from Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Investigator Tony Gatica: “I’m actively conducting an audit of the complaints in my possession, specifically those on K and K Towing as, my list grows almost daily with this company”.

We appreciate that the residents at many apartments are being educated as to the towing requirements that must be met prior to conducting a legal tow. Since complaints are assigned on a rotation basis it would best serve consumers if they contacted TDLR Toll-Free (in Texas): (800) 803-9202 directly and take advantage of our helpful intake people who will help them correctly file a complaint and allow us to investigate.

Everything is working just as we planned when Texas Towing Compliance became involved in the predatory towing taking place in Southeast Texas, as more and more vehicle owners and operators are learning the rights guaranteed by State Law, while local law enforcement agencies have made contact with other agencies to obtain the law enforcement training to address the criminal behavior of dishonest tow companies targeted their citizens.

At the end of the day, it’s not about anyone else but Ernest and Shawna Kreuzer and their company, K & K Towing, who recently opened another vehicle storage facility in Port Arthur, Texas at 2925 Highway 365 West, in addition to their other storage facility in Beaumont, Texas to inflict the greatest amount of financial damage to residents and their guest residing in the many apartment complexes in Southeast Texas.

Shawna “the Piggly Wiggly mascot” Kreuzer

We don’t know how Shawna can even show her face around the Golden Triangle, as her photo above, should prove to women that Avon cosmetics cannot solve ugly, regardless the amount of makeup applied, given the fact, prior to starting K & K, she sold Avon cosmetic products, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Everyone towed regardless the reason from a private property parking lot has and is being towed illegally, without a doubt due to the prohibited financial kickbacks given property managers to sign their tow contracts, as since the tow fee is not regulated in Southeast Texas, every vehicle owner or operator is forced to pay the State Cap of $255 plus storage fees that comes to $298.30, is owed no less than $1900 when the Small Claims Lawsuit is against the property management company, leaving the tow company out of the lawsuit in Justice Court.

This scam they are pulling requiring vehicle owners to pay them “your vehicle registration fees” when towed for expired registration stickers, in addition to their fees, is regarded as fraud, as Shawna Kreuzer is not the Jefferson County Tax Assessor, the only entity authorized to collect vehicle registration fees.

Everyone is reminded to file all four complaints against K & K with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations after being towed or charged a drop fee by them, as with most cases, TDLR prosecutors will order them to refund your money.

Since neither Ernest or Shawna Kreuzer refuse to talk with those their tow company has taken advantage of financially at their office, just call or text Shawna’s personal cellphone number at 936-776-9374, if she refuses to answer, go to her house in Port Neches at 721 Riffle Avenue across from Port Neches Park regardless the time of the day or night.

The tow truck drivers for this company continue to outright steal vehicles from apartment complex parking lots, as they have made zero attempts to provide a legal tow sign to their accounts. Since they have no intentions in obeying the law, vehicle owners and operators should use whatever force necessary to prevent your vehicle from being towed.

Without hesitation confront their tow truck drivers when seen in an apartment complex attempting the tow a vehicle, and if it is your vehicle they are attempting to tow, be ready to use force to stop the theft of your vehicle.

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