K & K Towing Owners Eugene & Shawna Kreuzer Complain to Facebook About Our Remarks About their Corrupt Business

A Texas Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering Company

A Texas Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering Company

The owners of K & K Towing, who continue their march to steal vehicles in and around Southeast Texas have basically filed complaints on Facebook on our continued vetting of their illegal behavior which Facebook blocked our account from warning victims. It’s unfortunate, that Facebook chooses to protect a criminal enterprise, so they can continue to rob the pocketbooks of hardworking and low-income families in Southeast, Texas,

As we have stated in earlier articles written by this dishonest business, vehicle owners, operators and family members should ALWAYS face their tow truck drivers, even if the vehicle does not belong to them, to prevent someone’s vehicle from being stolen.

The Kreuzer Crime Family may stop articles or comments about their criminal behavior on Facebook, but are still many media mediums to get the word out about their robbing of the public in Beaumont, Lumberton, Groves, Nederland, Port Neches, Port Arthur, Winnie, Liberty and Cleveland.

Since neither Ernest or Shawna Kreuzer refuse to talk with those their tow company has taken advantage of financially at their office, drop by their house in Port Neches at 721 Riffle Avenue, while spending a low budget weekend at Port Neches Park with your family, since they robbed you of your money.

We know for a fact three different law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County have made arrangements with the San Antonio Police Department Vehicle Crimes Unit as of this past Friday, to go to San Antonio to be taught the criminal investigation education, so they implement the training within their prospective agencies to address the ongoing criminal behavior of not only K&K, but all tow companies and vehicle storage facilities, before a tow truck driver is killed by someone in a parking lot, which is sure to happen, given the violent crime taking place in both Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas.

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