John Deloach: the San Antonio Narcissistic Sociopath

John Deloach 4.11.16

It comes with no surprise John Deloach, the owner of Bexar Towing would spew lies about our organization’s founder, Mr Pat Johnson, whom was told in writing by his doctors, is dying after a 34 year battle with the AIDS Epidemic. I do not know Mr. Deloach, but for any business owner to introduce himself to a Travis County Prosecutor while EMS personnel was attempting to revive Mr. Johnson after passing out in the courtroom. to state Mr. Johnson was involved in heinous behavior in Bexar County clearly paints the picture of a cold-hearten sociopath. Incidentally, these outright lies as stated by Deloach were investigated and determined to be false.

Yes, it’s true, Mr. Johnson is dying and if he survives six months, it’s not because of what John Deloach or any other dishonest tow company may say or tell lies to tarnish the life of a true humanitarian who offered to help at no cost to victims whom sought the facts, regardless who they are.

John Deloach has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder which cannot be cured because Deloach see nothing wrong with himself, and never will. A few can be cured, but it’s not easy. You can’t change a tiger into a lion. You can’t change your basic personality. This is a law of psychology. For all personalities, there exists a pathological side and a healthy side. Deloach, based on what those whom encountered him, believe Deloach is a more pathological sociopath who  pretty much don’t give a damn whether anyone likes him or not. I don’t think Deloach needs attention or admiration either – I imagine Deloach could care less about that too. Criticism doesn’t bother him much either. Most sociopath seem to smile, laugh or glibly explain away any criticism directed at him.

We could go on for days talking about the hardships Deloach’s business has caused the public in San Antonio as he craves for media attention and when criticism is directed at him, Deloach goes into a dizzying performance of lying, more lying, lies upon lies layered upon more lies, show-business style performance.

Our organization’s founder could die in his sleep, but his legacy is Texas Towing Compliance, will be around for generations to come, knowing a person can learn and understand how to address being taken advantage of at the hand’s of dishonest businesses, operated by the likes of Predator John Deloach.

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