John Deloach Drives to the Travis County Courthouse For Nothing…

Deloach Bribes SA Prosecutor

John Deloach, owner of predatory Bexar Towing in San Antonio, drove from his house located at 13214 Vista Del Mundo, San Antonio (everyone towed by Bexar is encouraged to visit Deloach at his house regardless the time of day) to the Travis County Courthouse just the see me at Court. While I realize John is interested in my well being, our organization will not waiver in our continued march to assist the hundreds of motorists in San Antonio, that his company continues to tow or boot vehicles in violation of the LAW and the San Antonio City Ordinance.

Everybody that has been towed by Bexar Towing is encouraged to contact the Law Office of James Meyrat at 210-735-9911, so the property manager or business owner that authorized your vehicle to be towed can be sued, instead of Delooch’s tow company, to recover the monetary damages your entitled to by State Law, (2308.404).

We also highly recommend everyone towed or booted by these thieves to contact the San Antonio Police Department’s Vehicle Crime Unit at 210-207-2348 to file criminal charges and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to file complaints against both his tow company and vehicle storage facility licenses.

Read the various articles within our website on John Deloach’s behavior, as he alone is responsible for the actions of tow company and vehicle storage facility.

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