J&J Towing Warning Sticker Pays No Less Than $800 if $193.30 is Paid

J&J Warning Sticker

If your vehicle was towed after this orange sticker was affixed to the windshield, you can expect to collect no less than $800, if you paid $193.30 to get your vehicle back from J&J Towing when represented by the Law Office of Richard Michael.

Should a vehicle owner or operator choose to represent themselves and paid $193.30, then you can expect to collect no less than $1780.00, which includes the filing fees of $180.00 payable to Travis County Justice of the Peace, Pct 3.

The amount of recovery is based on what you paid to retrieve your money.

A Vehicle Storage Facility can auction your vehicle after 45 days in storage, but if you payout your vehicle at J&J Towing’s storage facility located at 3506 Darby on the 40th day for $1087.65, you can expect to collect $4442.65, payable by the landowner and property management company.

It makes zero difference why reason your vehicle is towed with this orange sticker bearing J&J Towing’s name and phone number on it.

UT Austin PTS Charlie Smith's lucrative kickbacks from tow contractor

J&J’s business model is serious gold mine for those seeking a guaranteed high return on their investment, as the Courts will hang them out to dry for providing something of value in connection with the removal of your vehicle. (Texas Occupations Code 2308.402)

But then again, this is just one of many sure ways to score the same amount of money because your vehicle was towed or charged a drop fee by J&J Towing.

fails to contain the name of the person who authorized the tow and the VSF employee's TDLR license number that released the vehicle.

Since J&J refuses to provide the name of the “person” who authorized the tow on your release documents or notification letters, you can also expect a guaranteed return on your investment. (Texas Occupations Code 2309.455) Follow these guidelines when going to get your vehicle.

Another issue J&J refuses to address, is providing a legal tow sign to parking facilities, as of the 20K+ tow signs of theirs mounted on green posts, less than 1% are legal due to missing statutory text and verbiage (Texas Occupations Code 2308.301) as shown below. You always want to take a photo with your cellphone of the tow sign posted when you enter the parking lot prior to going to the storage lot.

One of the primary reason J&J owner Frank Sapp left San Antonio with his Riverwalk Towing company is because Central Parking fired them for dishonesty and refused to provide legal tow signs for their parking lots, which is no different in Austin, as none of the Central Parking lots in Austin are legal to tow from and like everyone else, you will collect no less than $800 – $1600 if you pay only $193.30.

Justin Perez, the manager of J&J Towing is nothing more than a seasoned con artist and pathological liar that bullies people as if he is someone important when fact he’s nothing more than a yet to be caught criminal.

J&J Towing Judgement for illegal towing due to illegal tow signs and not posted correctly

After this Tow Hearing some months ago beating J&J with the victim, Perez blocked me in a parking space shouting profanities wanting to fight, my reply, “I don’t fight sissies” as he drove away giving me the middle finger.  Justin Perez has no class and sure as hell not an honest person, but that is expected of a member of a criminal organization.

Perez at times will appear in Court claiming to be representing a property manager, but he is no attorney for a Tow Hearing, but when the Lawsuit for Statutory Violations is filed, J&J is not apart of the lawsuit, rather the property management company, business owner and landowners are sued because of the action of Justin Perez representing J&J Towing.

To give the public some idea of the bribes J&J Towing gives property managers of apartment complexes, take a look at the advertisement they placed in the Windows Magazine for the Austin Apartment Association as shown below.

Use J&J Towing and recieve free legal presentation, parking lot striping, signs, parking permits and cash...

We can guarantee if you live in an apartment complex, your property manager is being paid kickbacks for allowing your vehicle to be towed and we will teach you, refer you to a skilled attorney dedicated to holding everyone responsible and educate you on your rights like nobody or any other website in the State of Texas…

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