J&J Towing & Landowner Slammed with $9,675.40 Due to Illegal Tow Signs

I am quite pleased to announce the Texas Towing Compliance preferred Austin law firm East Austin Lawyers secured an outstanding reward for a vehicle owner after being towed by none other than J&J Towing.

The Austin Police Department’s continued refusal to enforce the Wrecker Ordinance, the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Act while allowing tow companies like J&J, Reliant, Park Right, Austex, Southside, Customz, Central and A&A to commit criminal offenses with impunity is hurting our economy and creating financial nightmares for Austin area residents.

But those towed have rights that doesn’t require the police to become involved, as Texas Towing Compliance, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and East Austin Lawyers will make tow companies, property and business owners pay you every dime your entitled to as written in State Law..

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