Insurance Companies put Tow Companies in Texas on Notice

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A confidential insurance company internal document describes the tow industry as dysfunctional, operating well outside acceptable business practices and reveals drivers involved in accidents are charged astronomical fees by operators.

It cited the example of a tow driver climbing into the back of an ambulance where paramedics were treating a man and pressuring him to sign an authority to tow his vehicle. He left only after being ejected by paramedics a second time.

A damning price comparison in the document shows trucking companies in TX are being gouged $15,888 versus $6555 in OK for the same job.

A group of insurance companies have put some unprofessional TX tow companies on notice that they will no longer pay unreasonable costs and that means clients could be stuck fighting ridiculous towing charges.

“It is important to point out, that not every towing business operates in this manner”.

However, it is fair to say the industry operates well outside acceptable business practices and when challenged as with Westwind Transport located in Big Spring, they become aggressive and belligerent,” the briefing paper says.

Texas law enforcement agencies who arrive on accident scenes involving commercial vehicles to discover a fuel or hazmat spill, should summoned a HAZMAT Cleanup business registered with TCEQ and the EPA, as tow companies are charging as high 200% of what they are billed without performing the work.

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should set the max amounts tow companies can charge for Incident Management Companies, as they were directed to by the Legislature.

Texas Towing Compliance currently has 21M subscribers that know more about their rights with regards to towing than most police and sheriff departments.

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