Important Reminders for Vehicle Owners & Operators to Follow

A vehicle storage facility or tow company who refuses to provide the name of the person who authorized the tow is a clear sign they have something to hide or they in some cases, promise whoever they sign a tow contract with not to divulge their name or hold them responsible for the action of the tow company. Again, this is a violation of the Texas Occupations Code 2308,453.

A vehicle cannot be towed from any parking lot without the owner’s consent for being parked on or across the line, as if they do, they are stealing vehicles and should be dealt with in same manner as if they are stealing someone’s vehicle. State Law only allows a vehicle to be towed from private property based on “who” may parking and prohibit all others, not “HOW” the vehicle is parked.

A vehicle owner or operator should always confront a tow truck driver attempting to tow a vehicle in the early morning hours, even if the vehicle are trying to tow is not yours. In the case like K & K, stand between the tow truck and the vehicle they are attempting to tow, or blocking the gate or driveway they attempting to exit the property. In the case of any predatory tow truck operator, they will stash vehicles away from the property and have the rollbacks come to the stash location to transport the vehicles to their storage facility. In someone observes this behavior, they should call 911 to report a tow company stashing impounds, as this practice if highly illegal, because all vehicles towed without the owner’s consent can only to be towed to a licensed storage facility.

The first of many lawsuits has been filed today in Jefferson County JP Burnett’s Court against K&K Towing and the property management company for Cambridge in Groves Apartments. There is absolutely no possible way K&K nor Cambridge will prevail in this lawsuit, as I will be in Court with the victim, acting as his assisted representation and expert witness. Everyone that has been towed by this company, is encouraged to attend this trial to learn just how easy it is score a decisive victory in recovery $1800 after paying $300 to get your vehicle back.


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