The Importance of Filing Complaints Against Tow Truck Operators

Always demand to see the tow truck operator’s TDLR License as shown below and never pay or allow a tow truck operator to tow your vehicle if they refuse to display it or the license is expired.

TDLR Tow Truck Operator License

TDLR Tow Truck Operator License

It’s extremely important that when someone is towed from a private or public parking facility with an outdated/illegal tow sign posted, that the online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations be filed against the “Tow Truck Operator”, in addition to the Tow Company.

Tow truck operators in Texas are required to be trained about the Texas Towing, Booting & Storage Facility Law, so they know when they are towing vehicle, they do it within the guidelines of the Law. But since so many private property impound tow truck operators are career felons who served time in prison, the idea of them obeying the law and burglarizing vehicles they tow is commonplace among predatory tow companies who specifically hire felons to bully a vehicle owner or operator to bowing to their demands.

Since the majority of parking facilities statewide lack the revised tow sign that went into effect back on September 1, 2013, tow truck operators knowingly tow vehicles and charged drop fees without the owner’s consent in violation of the law.

80% of tow companies statewide fail to have a valid 255 Document from the parking facility that states the parking facility, not the tow company, installed a legal tow sign(s).

Therefore, if your towed from a parking facility with an illegal tow sign, please file against the Tow Truck Operator for express reason of “performing tow operation without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness“, so they can be fined several thousands of dollars and in some instances, depending on the circumstances, have their license revoked.

It’s the tow truck operator who commits the violation of an unauthorized tow in the first place and they will be held responsible for their actions.

So remember, if the tow sign states anything other than, “Towing Enforced” or “Booting Enforced” or “Towing and Booting Enforced” in the red background directly beneath the tow symbol in the red background, your vehicle was wrongfully towed and the tow truck operator should be filed on.

Examples of Legal Tow Signs after 9-1-13:

Examples of outdated/illegal tow signs after 9-1-13

So if your towed from parking lot with an illegal tow sign and the vehicle storage facility fails to provide the name of the “person” whom authorized the tow, the 14 day deadline to file the request for the tow hearing is no longer valid. Basically, a vehicle owner has two years from the date the vehicle was towed or charged a drop fee to file the request the tow hearing.

Tow truck operators know the public and most peace officers don’t have a clue about the regulations they must obey and knowingly take advantage of the vehicle owners and operators when attempting to collect a drop fee they are not entitled to.

Drop Fee Scams: Bookmark this page to understand when your about to be taken advantage of by a tow truck operator:

Never pay a drop fee at the stages below, if the tow truck operator demands a drop fee in cash when you catch them in any of the loading phase below, prepare to take the same action you would if someone broke into your home while you were asleep at night.

At this stage below is when you have to pay the tow truck operator who must accept a credit or debit card or cash. If the tow truck operator demands cash only, file a complaint against them for this reason so they can be issued a fine.

The motoring public and law enforcement has to step forward and file the necessary complaints so many of the convicted felon tow truck operators can be held responsible for their criminal behavior!

Law Enforcement:

When you issue a citation to a tow truck operator for any reason while operating a tow truck, TDLR Prosecutors want you to email them a copy of the citation and brief report to so they can be issued an administrative fine and documented within the license folder.  If law enforcement has any question reference tow truck and tow truck operator licensing, contact Virginia Fields, Prosecutor, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations at the following: email or by phone at 512-539-5588.

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