Illegal/Outdated Towing & Booting Signs for Texas

If your vehicle was towed, booted or charged a drop fee and one of these towing/booting signs is posted,  your entitled to $1000 plus triple whatever you paid to retrieve your vehicle payable by the parking facility.  You can only recover these damages with a Small Claims Court Statutory Violation Lawsuit against the property management company, business owner and landowner. which is different from a Tow Hearing.

Towing Signs deemed illegal by State Law because all fail to contain the required text on the sign or layout.If your vehicle was towed from, or charged a boot or drop fee at a parking lot bearing a sign as any below, file a complaint with TDLR and take photos of the sign posted when entering a parking facility. A towing company may provide the tow signs and many have misleading “text” that scam motorists daily.  If you are towed or charged a drop or boot fee from a parking lot bearing any of the below signs, your entitled to a $1000 plus triple what you paid to retrieve your vehicle, also the costs of damage to your vehicle caused by the towing company.

To get the money your entitled to by State Law, the Austin region 512-554-9411, the DFW region 817-704-3984 and San Antonio region 210-978-0074 or just file yourself in Court.

Only format and required statutory text tow sign for Texas, effective 9-1-13

Only format and required statutory text tow sign for Texas, effective 9-1-13

A legal tow sign is required to look and state exactly as shown in the photo directly above.

None of the signs below are legal tow signs effective 9-1-13 which would make any towing, charging boot or drop fees illegal by State Law that could entitle the vehicle owner or operator to $1000 plus treble damages.

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