Illegal Reliant Tow Sign Pays $1600 in Travis County JP 3

Illegal Reliant Tow Sign 2.13.16

Everybody towed by Reliant Towing with a tow sign that looks exactly as the sign above is entitled to $800 (if attorney is used) or $1600 if you file the Small Claims Lawsuit for Statutory Violations against the property management company and landowner, in Travis County Justice of the Peace Pct 3 Court, regardless where towed in Travis County.

This sign is illegal due to the fact Reliant has added prohibited text and the statutory phrase is missing verbiage.

STATE LAW: “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense”

RELIANT ILLEGAL SIGN: Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed or Booted at THE Owners or Operators Expense

The red background on the Reliant sign states: Towing Enforced, but their sign also states “Booting” as well, if in fact booting is taking place, the text in the red background should state “Towing and Booting Enforced”, not just Towing Enforced.

Reliant like the other tow companies who provide illegal signs get away with violating the law because the APD Wrecker Detectives outright refuse to enforce the law because of missing verbiage on the signs. We don’t know about everybody else, but our vehicles are owned by just one person, not multiple persons as indicated on the Reliant sign that states “OWNERS OR OPERATORS.

This sign is posted at Stassney Woods Apartments, 1800 E Stassney Lane and everyone towed regardless the reason is entitled to refunds in the amounts of $800 to $1600.

For those unsure of the legal process, we encourage you to call the Law Office of Richard Michael at 512-554-9411.

Be sure to file the TDLR complaints against Reliant Towing, so the state can issued them some more fines.

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