I want to see your TDLR Vehicle Storage Facility Employee License


The above license, is the TDLR vehicle storage facility employee license, which “must” be displayed when asked prior to conducting any business at the Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF) to gain the release of your vehicle.  We have heard many recorded conversations at storage facilities across Texas when asked for this required license. Not one excuse holds merit with the TDLR requirement of consumer’s right to view the license above, so you can write the name, license number and expiration date down.

This license, as with any license issued by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation is a privilege, not a right to possess one.

When the person at the storage facility window attempts to show you a photo copy of the license, this does not meet the requirement of displaying their license, as one never know, the license copy is actually the person you are dealing with.

One vehicle owner did exactly what we instruct vehicle owners and operators to do when you’re at the storage lot by following these procedures in the exact BOLD PRINT order with cellphones on record, as some individuals who claim to have a license, actually do not have a license, as it’s of vital important you obtain the photo or video of this person. This is exactly what a consumer in Corpus Christi did and because they snapped a photo of the individual, the vehicle storage facility was fined by TDLR.

If they REFUSE to show it, step outside and call the Police, or you could become a victim of identity theft and under no circumstance should you ever sign their release documents after payment has been made.


County: NUECES
Zip Code: 78413

License #: 646519VSF

Complaint # VSF20140008532

Date: 1/19/2016

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $1,500.

Respondent employed an individual to work at the VSF without a VSF employee license.
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