*** UPDATE*** Hundreds Scammed by Parking Solutions of Texas in Austin Owed $1405

Everyone booted at 1914 Guadalupe across from the UT Austin campus is in for a landfall.

Trial date nears:

Download (PDF, 92KB)

There is no possible way this parking lot shared by two tenants who are provided restricted parking spaces within the same parking lot is legal to place a boot on a vehicle. Let me explain why:

1914 Guadalupe Alley Entrance from MLK

Take entrance from the alley, this entrance can be entered driving either direction even thought it’s a posted one way alley. The sole tow sign posted 6′ off the ground is “not” facing the driver of a vehicle as required coming from MLK.

1914 Guadalupe Alley Entrance 12.20.2015

You would never see the required sign when entering from alley coming from 21st Street. State Law requires two signs when the driveway exceeds 35′ in width, which it is over. Occupations Code 2308.301(a)(1)(2A,Bii)

1914 Guadalupe Illegally Marked Designated Space 12.20.15

Given such two tenant have dedicated spaces, not one space is marked in the rear of the space as required by State Law. Occupations Code 2308.304(1)(2)  (below is how these spaces above are to be marked)

A legal restrictive parking space

The entrance off Guadalupe below, without a doubt exceeds of 35′ in width at the curb cut and the sign posted near the corner of the building (Ramen) is not “facing the driver” when entering when pulling in heading from 21st Street. Occupations Code 2308.301(a)(1)(2A,Bii)

1914 Guadalupe Front Entrance 12.20.15

On the yellow receipt provided upon payment, it lacks the name of the “person” whom authorized the boot to be installed on your vehicle. Occupations Code 2308.455(4). Also their notice attached to your window reference your vehicle being towed after 16 hours, State Law states 24 hours and they couldn’t a tow a vehicle legally because their sign states: Booting Enforced, not Booting and Towing Enforced

Parking Solutions

Therefore, everyone booted who paid $135, your entitled to $1405.00 (Occupations Code 2308.404) as you don’t have to worry about the 14 day deadline to request a hearing, because you will be filing a Small Claims Lawsuit for Statutory Violations, which the deadline to file is two years of the date your vehicle was booted. (Learn step by step how to file these small claims lawsuits)

State Law also states: “A vehicle’s owner or operator is not required to prove negligence of a parking facility owner, towing company, or booting company to recover.”

When you sue for statutory violations, you list the name of the authorizing business/operator/property management company and the landowner, which can be found at traviscad.org when searching the 2014 property tax information by address.

It is highly recommended any Small Claims Lawsuits filed for all being towed or booted, be filed in Pct 3, Judge Susan Steeg, instead of the other JPs.

Judge Steeg is a no-nonsense judge, unlike visiting Judge Elena Diaz (voter removed from office), who rules by the law, not some interpretation of what it states in black and white.

Should you decide to file in one of the other Justice Courts, ask for a Jury Trial instead of allowing the Judge to decide. (campaign donations for favorable ruling from attorneys and Black Robe Disease)

Use our photos by right clicking on the photo to print in 11×17 color or create a PowerPoint presentation, save on a thumb drive, as Judge Steeg’s Courtroom is equipped for this method of explaining the violations.

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations encourages everyone booted at this location submit an online complaint against Parking Solutions of Texas company license, as they opened investigations into this ongoing scam, the Austin Police Department’s Wrecker Enforcement Unit refuses to enforce State Law, claiming their ordinance prohibits them.

Download PDF
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