Houston Safe & Clear Contractor Fast Tow Burns Tow Victim Twice

Fast Tow of Houston, a Safe and Clear contractor for the Houston Police Department was found guilty before a Harris County Judge of criminal illegal towing practices back in September. The Court at that time ordered Fast Tow to pay the judgement for their illegal behavior.

But, Fast Tow didn’t pay the entire judgement and short-changed the tow victim. This tow victim contacted us to ask what steps he should take to get all his money, not just part of the Judgement amount. Our recommendation, which he followed, file the online complaint with TDLR, send a copy of the Judgement and a copy of the check Fast Tow mailed to him.

It’s a damn shame a TDLR Advisory Board member and Safe & Clear contractor feels the need to take advantage of the public, especially when the Court found them guilty. Mrs Rash, the owner of Fast Tow showed her true colors in the last session of the Texas Legislature confessing her love for ex Dallas Senator John Carona for working with her tow company association in stripping the attorney fees for the prevailing party in State Law reference Occupations Code 2308.404.

Tow victims in Carona’s district rallied to remove Carona from office during the primary all because his relationship with the predatory towing industry Fast Tow is a member of because legislation buying disguised as campaign donations.

Fast Tow will regret not paying that judgement in full as TDLR will suspend their tow company license, as they do every tow company and issue them an administrative fine for an unauthorized tow.

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