Houston Police Filing Criminal Charges Against Wrecker Drivers and Storage Lot Employees Gouging Flooded Motorists

According to the Houston Police Department (HPD) Auto Dealers Detail officers and detectives, criminal charges are being filed against wrecker driver for Zone 3 and an All Zones Auto Storage employee.

The public should never sign a tow truck receipt until the vehicle is delivered and the price is decided prior to towing. Its always best to “record” all contact with tow truck operators and vehicle storage facility employees to protect your rights and the evidence to collect on.

The public should always record all contact and never pay or conduct business with a tow company or storage lot unless the person has a valid TDLR License as shown below, if they refuse to display it or don’t have one on their possession, call the Police and file the online complaints with TDLR.

Today’s victim of this scam going on at 8149 Hardy with All Zone and Zone 3 engaging in organized criminal activity came out a winner, as Texas Towing Compliance got enough people involved, that enabled him to pay the correct fee of $167 plus storage fees instead of the original demand of $780.

This is a prime reason vehicle owners, operators and businesses who require deliver should subscribe to Texas Towing Compliance as our assistance helps you understand if your vehicle is legally or illegally towed and how to recover all the money your entitled to!

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