Honest Tow Companies & The Public Burned Daily Due to Zero Enforcement by APD’s Wrecker Enforcement Detectives‏


Occupations Code 2308.301(b)(B)(5)

Based on emails from Ballard and Loosier to vehicle owners who filed the offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation, it’s clearly evident both detectives should be reassigned as neither have filed not one criminal case against local tow companies, vehicle storage facilities and parking facilities for violating the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Law, when in fact, the evidence proves a criminal offense has occurred, a felony at that.

Sec. 2308.405. Criminal Penalty.

A person commits an offense if the person violates this chapter. An offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $500 or more than $1,500 unless it is shown on trial of the offense that the person knowingly or intentionally violated this chapter, in which event the offense is a Class B misdemeanor.

Based on Loosier’s reply, about the issue of criminal intent has zero to do reference violations of the State Tow Law. A “technical” issue as Loosier describes, is a criminal offense, but for some reason neither detective has enforced the state towing law as the current city ordinance was developed in accordance to State Law.

During a recent interview by Chief Acevedo reference enforcing the electronic device while driving ordinance, Chief stated APD would enforce the ordinance within the EJT, but Loosier and Ballard have claimed for years they cannot conduct investigations of tow companies that tow vehicles without probable cause from within the city limits because they are located in the EJT, even though the criminal offense occurred within the city limits.

These mix signals from sworn members of APD contradicting themselves reference towing issues is rubbing the public wrong as they have nobody to turn when victimized by a tow truck operators and parking facility owner as the Wrecker Enforcement Unit has refused to answer the cries of crime victims due to actions of tow companies, tow truck operators and parking facilities.

I seriously doubt the current city council is going to allow a rate increase, six council members are in favor of resetting all of the tow fees to coincide with Austin, only allow one tow fee when a tractor trailer is towed as one unit together, eliminate the drop fee, prohibit a vehicle storage facility from charging for the notification letter until after the vehicle has been on storage for 48 hours (PPI).

25 years of doing nothing to address the continued criminal illegal towing issues that plague our city is a sign CHANGE MUST HAPPEN NOW or allow Code Compliance and the Transportation Department to takeover the the enforcement and licensing of tow truck and tow truck operators.

Please email every Austin City Council and the Mayor and urge them to make a policy decision on the regulation of tow companies, tow truck operators, vehicle storage facilities, vehicle storage facility employees and booting companies to assign this task to Code Enforcement and Transportation, as none of the employees of these two city departments have accepted any bribes from New Family as many employees, past and present of APD does as if its okay to accept bribes (expense paid fishing and wild game hunting trips from city contractors.


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