H Town Towing TARGETING single mom’s, elderly disabled people and parents of disabled children

Latest of many complaints filed with TDLR:

The latest news on Don Perry’s H Town Towing has his company up in The Woodlands giving kickbacks to property manager at Wood Glen Apartment located at 3451 Tangle Brush Drive.

This morning, management was walking alongside H-town towing company tagging cars giving us 24 hours to get the cars tagged, inspected, fixed or moved or else be towed. They didn’t send out the new rules until after tagging the cars. And on the new notice it doesn’t even mention having to have your cars tagged. My boyfriend doesn’t even live here was just visiting and they threatened to have him towed. They held off for now for us but I know several families woke up to that notice and it’s terrible. We are poor..  It’s just crazy to me that they would prey on people like this.

To prove the kickback violation by H Town, a vehicle owner doesn’t have to look far as their name is on the orange violation stickers (shown below) attached to vehicles provided to the property manager.

If your vehicle is towed with this sticker attached to the window, your vehicle is illegally towed due to kickbacks

If your vehicle is towed with this sticker attached to the window, your vehicle is illegally towed due to kickbacks

State Law states a tow company cannot give anything of value to a property manager or have a financial interest in the parking facility the vehicle is towed.

H Town Towing has earned the designation as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that engages in organized criminal activity daily for profit and everybody towed by them should file the TDLR complaints so the charges you paid to get your back are refunded to you.

This apartment complex manager stated in a letter provided to her by tow company that states they management will not be responsible for any vehicles towed, but this property manager has been misled by Don Perry, as the property management company and landowner are directly responsible and will be sued under a Theft Liability or 404 Lawsuit that will stagger their mind.

It’s important to note, everyone towed from this property is encouraged to call the Woodlands Police Department and file criminal charges against “Sharon” the new property manager for accepting a bribe from H Town Towing!

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