H Town Bribes Bell Partners Regional Property Supervisor with Kickbacks for Tow Contracts

Double Parked Pays

Dan Perry, the owner of H Town Towing continues his march to corrupt property managers, regional property supervisor and business by bribing them with something of value, rather it be parking permits, warning stickers, parking lot striping and outright cash kickbacks. The latest property management company, Bell Partners, headquartered in Greensboro, NC made the business decision to engage in organized criminal activity with their 9 apartment complexes in the Greater Houston metroplex with Dan Perry, by accepting a solicited bribe.

The Bell Partners’ website claims their Purpose and Mission is “To create communities our residents are proud to call home.” Our mission is “To be the apartment company of choice by creating value and honoring commitments to our residents, partners, and associates.”  This can’t possibly be true, the moment the Texas Regional Property Director entered into a tow contract with H Town Towing accepting his bribes.  The first of five Core Values of Bell Partners is, “Do the Right Thing Every Time,” and if accepting bribes to terrorize their residents along with their guests for profit-sharing is how they conduct business in North Carolina, Bell Partners and their investors can expect to be in Court and writing checks to everyone towed regardless the reason from their properties in Texas.

Bell Partners

I asked the property manager at their South Grand community outside the city limits of Richmond, Texas if they were a member of the Houston Apartment Association and read their Code of Ethics. Teresa answered yes to being a member, but not read the Code of Ethics, specifically the section that requires members to OBEY all City and State Law, because accepting something of value, as with H Town and other tow companies, is a violation of State Law, that is an arrestable offense, in addition to civil penalties due the vehicle owner or operator.

Dan Perry - H Town Towing owner

In the conclusion of our 45 minute conversation, I know Teresa doesn’t want to go to JAIL and surely not start her workday if irate residents, whose vehicles were towed 28 miles from their home, knowing now, the repercussion of negative publicity in the Houston news media and trips to Court to answer before a Judge or Jury, is not something she wants to be part of and I don’t blame her….

Everyone towed by H Town can expect to collect when you file the Small Claims Lawsuit for Statutory Violations against the property management company and landowner leaving H Town out of the lawsuit, regardless the reason towed….

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