Georgetown Police Department Blalant Disregard of Texas Towing Law Stuns Victim

Warning to the public, if your vehicle is towed from private property in Georgetown, Texas, don’t expect the Georgetown Police Department to allow you to file criminal charges against the wrecker driver nor the parking facility owner/agent, even when a clear statutory violation has occurred.

It is clearly evident that this Police Department needs additional training in regards to nonconsent towing laws, which any violation of the Texas Towing Law is a criminal offense.

A recent victim of blatant illegal towing was stunned when the police officer told him that the property manager could have his vehicle towed at their discretion, even though the vehicle had current tags and was parked in a parking space without being given any notice.

Once again, a law enforcement agency, has failed to uphold the integrity of the Texas Towing Law which has been in effect since 1993.

What is even more stunning, is this town is located in Williamson County, a county with a reputation of tough on crime!

Protecting their buddies in the local towing companies by not enforcing the law is the wrong message to send!

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