Georgetown Apartment Complex & Towing Company Violating Towing Law

Of all towns to engage in organized criminal activity, either these people, think they are above the law, or just plain stupid.

On Thursday, I received a call from a Georgetown, Texas resident that his vehicle had been towed for being inoperable, but that could not be, he was driving the vehicle backinforth to work, even drove the vehicle from the storage lot after being forced to pay $193.30.

I asked Mr, Whitfield (victim) several questions about the parking lot and just couldn’t believe there were no towing signs posted, especially, in Williamson County. So, I decided to drive up to this apartment complex can check it out myself, and sure enough, there were no towing signs posted at either of the curbcuts to enter the parking facility.

I was not surprised to hear that the towing company, CEN TEX, brought, not once, but twice the towing signs, for “free”, a major mistake, since the towing company cannot have a financial interest in the parking facility.

I couldn’t help myself but go into the complex office to ask whether they knew they could not being towing vehicles with no towing signs posted, only to be told, their residents were told when moving in the policy on towing. I was like, whatever, then asked for a business card, after providing mine and left.

According to Mr, Whitfield, several vehicles have been towed from this apartment complex parking lot with no signs posted as required by Occupations Code 2308.251.

Come Monday, I will be calling the Georgetown Police Department to determine whether or not their agency is aware this organized criminal activity is occurring in their city and what they plan to do about it, since, Mr. Whitfield has assured me he will file criminal charges against all those involved.

Just as sure as day and night, any vehicle towed from this apartment complex’s covered parking spaces for being parked in as assigned space, is illegally towed!

The real culprit in illegal towing is the wrecker driver, who actually commits the criminal offense when he/she tows a vehicle, from a noncomplying parking facility.

I’m sorry, ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse when, a victim is forced to pay a ransom, to retrieve their vehicle, because the wrecker driver was not trained in the Towing Law.

I would not recommend this apartment complex nor the towing company to anyone, since both pride themselves in committing criminal offenses!

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