Galveston Tow Scam Victim Scores Big Win Against Marty’s Towing LLC of Galveston

Marty's Illegal Sign

Marty’s Wrecker Towing LLC in Galveston has burned 1000’s of tourists with impunity, from the Houston area while spending the weekend on Island. But one victim found the Texas Towing Compliance website, educated himself, read many articles, followed the evidence gathering protocol, prepared his case carefully, filed the 404 Lawsuit in JP McCumber’s Court that spanked Greg Sendejas’ butt with enough evidence as strong as DNA, to counter his attorney’s arguments and the Judge agreed.

Now Sendejas has to deal with the four TDLR complaints already assigned an investigator which without a doubt cost him 4 times what that judgement was for and negative media publicity (Ripoff Report) that will confirm their business reputation, of performing tow operation without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

Marty’s behavior is what can be expected of a Southwest Tow Operator’s member tow company.This predatory towing in Galveston is a direct result of the Galveston Police Department’s refusal to enforce the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Act which carries a criminal penalty subject of arrest.

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