Finally, No More Federal Preemption of Tow Industry Nationwide Signed Into Law by President Obama


I have been waiting for this action by Congress and a President to end the federal oversight of the tow industry by returning the regulation back to the states and political subdivisions since it began in 1995.

Now city governments can put a stop once in for all of dishonest tow companies prowling parking lots, towing at will, spotters and charging outrageous fees for traffic accidents.

President Barack Obama signed legislation into law today introduced to give local governments regulation authority of towing companies. The language was included as an amendment to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act passed in the Senate last night.

“Texans are well aware of the financial pain and frustration a few predatory towing operators can cause.”  “Now local governments have new tools at their disposal to curb these practices and protect vulnerable consumers.”

“Passage of this law is a victory for communities in Texas and across the country that have struggled to control the outrageous, predatory tactics used by some towing companies.”

“Local jurisdictions will now have the unambiguous authority to end egregious fees, ban the practice of ‘spotting’, mandate proper signage, and strike the proper balance based on the needs of their consumers and businesses. desk.”

In 1994, Congress inadvertently preempted the ability of state and local governments to regulate the towing industry. Since then, confusing restrictions and conflicting court rulings left local governments unable to fully protect consumers from predatory towing practices.

Earlier this year, Congressmen Beyer and Van Hollen introduced the State and Local Predatory Towing Enforcement Act to restore full authority for regulating non-consensual tows. The bill was unanimously passed as an amendment to the House version of the Highway reauthorization President Obama will sign into law today.

The thieves of the Southwest Tow Operators fought tooth and nail to prevent the amendment of  (H.R.2563) to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act,  President Obama signed into law on Friday that will without a doubt hit their members in the pocketbook and put many of them in prison for a longtime…

We want thank everyone who wrote, emailed and call your representatives in Congress and The President for returning the regulating authority back to states to address the predatory towing practices that has caused havoc across the State of Texas.

No more ridiculous charges for tow related fees such as $50 per pair of disposable gloves when a box of 100 only cost $14.95, $80K tow bills for tractor trailer wrecks or holding cargo before paying the tow charges.

This legislation will without a doubt impact every tow company anywhere in Texas..

A true victory for consumers, the trucking industry and insurance companies whom been burned by members of the Southwest Tow Operators, TRAA and the Texas Towing & Storage Association.


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