Customz Wrecker Service Paying Cash Bribes To Steal Accounts of Other Tow Companies

Customz Wrecker Service owners and manager

Randy Mulkins, accounts manager for highly dishonest Customz Wrecker Service, was recorded in a sting operation where it was stated, they would pay $20 per vehicle to drop their current tow company, to allow Customz to be their preferred tow company.

This nature of bribe is a perfect example of a Southwest Tow Operators member given the known reputation of Jess Horton, President of Southwest Tow Operator’s motto is, “the key to thriving tow business is bribery”.

Property owners and managers best be advised, this conduct of accepting bribes from your tow company, will cost you dearly in Court, especially when the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations is filed against you, without a doubt, you will not prevail.

Tow companies who choose to operate your business in this fashion, can guarantee that the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation will hang you out to dry with a hefty fine and possible revocation of your tow company licenses.

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