Feedback From Tow Victims Across Texas

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The following comments are from victims of predatory towing across Texas sent via the Texas Towing Compliance website, we encourage all victims provide us feedback reference the mental anguish and hardships you experienced after finding your vehicle was towed away.

Jennifer McClellan

Hello I came across your website while researching Texas Impound Services. Very unethical and rude business practices going on. They could not give me a detailed answer as to why my car was towed. All they could was that “they had me on camera leaving my car” but could not provide me with a video. I’m reading your site for knowledge on how to file a complaint and it is very helpful. Thanks for this site. Texas Impound must be shut down.

Mike Berg

I am a friend of a family that had a family member sustain a serious head injury. We went to his condo to secure his property and we specifically parked his vehicles in his numbered parking spaces (which, it turns out, were HIS PRIVATE PROPERTY pursuant to the development Declarations). Bexar Towing, acting on orders from the HOA towed the vehicles despite having been given actual notice that the vehicles were parked on private property, not owned, managed or controlled by the HOA. An appeal was filed in JP Court but, I think, the Justice of the Peace suffered from “black robe” disease and the case is currently on appeal. In addition, a complaint was filed with TDLR. If you’d like I will email you a copy of the trial brief (complete with photos and other exhibits, all in pdf format) as well as the complaint (the complaint is currently pending with a decision expected in late January 2016. I am concerned about TDLR, though, because the investigator telephoned upon receipt of the complaint and said “They always have a copy of a contract” (to support the tow) DESPITE the vehicles being removed from PRIVATE PROPERTY without the consent of the property owner. The trial brief filed in JP Court is public record and you might find it useful; the complaint is currently pending but you may want to keep an eye on the decision for TDLR would have to ignore their own statutes in order to find in favor of the towing company. Also, we were unable to get the names of the driver or drivers who actually towed the vehicles but included a request to include the drivers after TDLR discovers their names and license numbers during their investigation but have little faith TDLR will do anything on the complaint.

Hamid Reza

Dear Sir/Madam My car has been towed just less than 30 minutes that I had parked that in front of my friend’s apartment in an complex. I want to know the time that the towing company can picked a car parking in a wrong place. Also I do appreciate if you could please let me know the distance that the vehicle storage facility can be far from the pick up place. I had no idea this information about illegal towing practices was available, it made a big difference in helping me win my tow hearing and get my money back. I feel I am a stronger person now knowing how to fight for my rights I never knew existed, Best Regards

Mary M. Davis

I am in need of assistance please. I tried to do this on my own as I simply cannot afford an attorney and I failed miserably as I faced their attorney. So much had happened as a result of them illegally towing my car and my family is devastated. My problem is that proving beyond a reasonable doubt by the letter of the law is practically impossible in my view as the tow driver slim jimed into my car and stole my parking permit. With no video footage the judge said that someone just prior to the tow driver arriving could have broke into my car and stole just my permit. Car was towed on November 11th from Parc Lake Apartments in Lewisville tx by Black Bull Towing. The did approx $3,009.- $5000. The damage to my car not including the anti theft system and locking mechanisms. As a result of damage anti theft does not work and the rear passenger side door not lock and on Dec 16th while at Wal-Mart thieves discovered that door and stripped the interior and stole Christmas items from my trunk well over 1500.00 in missing equipment and items. Police report was filed. Went to court on Dec 17th for tow hearing and lost. I have letters from my neighbor who details my car and personally applied my permit as well as a letter from my mechanic staying thus damage wad not there prior to tow.I did file complaints with TDLR there had been an investigation open thank goodness but I only found out Friday night and have not spoken to investigate yet but I did email him back Saturday. My 7-year-old son is having nightmares now as a result of tow and break in I’m on my last leg, my husband is furious and can’t even speak of it without blowing up. Can I appeal my case? Can and how I have tow facility surveillance recordings subpoenaed to prove my car was towed on boom truck and not flat-bed as required by Mercedes because it’s a 4 matic all wheel drive. I have a picture from my apartment that tow driver took showing his boom lift truck in background. Also I believe black bull s owners brothers firm represented all three in court add only 1 attorney was present. Kickback possibly? Who do I turn to who can help me. I’m broke and car is destroyed. What all can I send you to help you understand the case. I will send whatever I have that you need. Please help me. I understand you are not licensed attorney legal advice not possible but I need your knowledge and guidance from your experience. Thank you Mary M Davis

Dan Reeves

Sirs, My rental car was towed out of the gated garage at my condominium complex in Houston,TX at 1 AM in the morning by Red Light Wreckers. The complex has a contract for cart blanche entrance with the towing company to enter at will–usually after midnight. I was inside the gated area and my Parking Permit was not attached to the window, but was on the dashboard inside due to I did not want to attach it to a rental car because I have a different car each week. I am on assignment and fly there each week. There are no signs stating that Permits Must Be Displayed” , only that cars needed a permit. My permit is on file with the complex and the complex security guard sees me enter every day and I have a Key Fob for gated entrance in to the gated garage. The guard told me that he cannot interfere with the towing company when they are looking for cars to tow and this happens most nights–seems like a money-maker for several people. I had to pay $230 to get it out of impound the next afternoon. I did not know where it was for several hours. The Complex will not provide me with a copy of their towing contract with the towing company nor can I get a copy of the security guards report which he showed me. Can you provide any advise or should I file with the justice of the Peace in Houston and file a complaint with TDLR. Regards, Dan Reeves

Dayvon Baker

My car was towed from heather village apartments by black bull towing for the visitors pass not being filled out. But I remember the leasing agent filling it out the day it got towed they would not let me back to see the car or get my wallet or to see that it wasn’t filled out.I have several people who seen it filled out included the couple I was visiting. I live in my car and that’s all I got. They say even to get it I would need the insurance which I don’t have but I wouldn’t need if they wouldn’t have illegally towed my car.

William Fuzi

Lone Star Wrecker service towed my vehicle from in front of my apartment. All of their paperwork stated the reason for tow, as being expired registration. There was a valid, and up to date registration sticker on my windshield; but when I pointed that out, the cashier said that’s not her job, she just does what she is told. I received the 10 days notice to move my vehicle certified letter 2 days after they towed my vehicle. I lived in Sugar Tree Apartments in Corpus Christi, TX. The weird thing about the letter, was that it had the address of the Apartments, but the zip code of the impound yard. There is another big problem with Sugar Tree Apartments. They do not allow the post man to deliver packages, or certified letters to the residents doors. The lease states all deliveries will be left in the main office. That means that the management knows the tenant will never receive the letter. It also means that the manager receives the little pink notice that you have a letter at the post office. The reason I received my notice the morning I noticed my car was gone, was because of the holiday. the office was closed, and he had to put the notice in my mail box. That’s why I received the 10 days notice two days after they towed my car. Lone Star Wrecker Service didn’t even wait ten-days from the date the letter was mailed. I filed a complaint with the TDLR immediately after the tow, and I still have all of the documents, but I do not live in Corpus Christi anymore because of threats, and markings on my car afterword’s. I didn’t feel safe living there anymore, so I moved to North East Texas. I was wondering if there is anything I can do beyond the report to TDLR?

Angela Cartagena

Our car was towed from a spot that our apartment manager told us we could park in. When we went to pick up our car after it was towed by Capital Tow in Fort Worth, they refused to give us the name of the person who towed our car and would not provide a name of the person who requested the tow. In the authorized by box it simply says “property owner/representative.” The lady claimed ignorance saying “we’re just the storage facility, not the tow company.” Are they required to provide all this information upon request? We’ve already paid and have our vehicle Thanks! Angela

Sherron Guy

My daughter and her boyfriend had his car booted while in Austin this past weekend. The receipt they were given has no address or contact info other than a phone number that is a voice mail and they will not return my calls. What can I do?

Michael Whitham

Hi, my daughter is a resident at Baylor and use our car, Virginia plate jdn7140 on a Honda Accord. It was registered where she lives at Midtown properties at 3620 Garrett Street, and she had a sticker in the window. The car was towed last night by Ranger Tow. She has a picture of the car window showing where the sticker was peeled out of the front. Ranger Tow said that Houston PD had cited the vehicle twice and that’s why it was towed. When I called in a police report, I was informed that they had no records of requesting Ranger Tow to tow anything. My daughter will need to get to the car tonight, and pay the fee. We want to take some action against Ranger.

Justin Jones

Hey Pat, I’m letting you know I’m putting the screws to Eurostar Wreckers out of Houston Tx. The TDLR has sent me a copy of the letter of demand of reimbursement by 12/4/15. If they fail to pay their license is suspended automatically. I have copies of the letter I wanted to email you for your site if you want it. I can send other pics for your site as well such as ones of the VSF receipt called Star Lane Auto Storage which is owned by Euro Star Wreckers. You will notice on the receipt they claimed to my car as well as my friends. Mine at 2:09 am and hers at 2:38. Same truck and same driver. They are looking into them with a microscope. I also noticed that Texas European Collision, the body shop they own affiliated with them off their website At their address is now permanently closed. Yours truly contacted HPD auto dealers who performed a surprise inspection. She made them buy a permit they were suppose to have since she caught them with 2 cars in their possession. They attempted to lie and they claimed they weren’t open to the public. The 2 cars they had weren’t theirs so something shady was going on. If you look at their website too they advertise their services to the public as well. I don’t know why they are officially closed but the body shop website now claims to be closed. Anyways I’ll keep you posted. You would think these knuckleheads would smarten up and compensate me for my tow court judgement and I’ll let you know as of 12/4/2015. I guess after I secure that I take them to small claims for the penalties and damages. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks

Jeff Just

First let me start by saying thank you for what you do. You have shown the “little fish” in this giant pool of sharks how to fight back. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

This is just a a few of the hundreds of feedback reports filed on our website to illustrate to the public and local law enforcement agencies just how bad predatory towing is in Texas. I doubt the illegal towing of vehicles will cease anytime soon with most police departments refusing the enforce the Texas Towing, Storage and Booting Act as MANDATED by the LAW.

With resources and education we provide with our website, those victimized by these dishonest tow companies and parking facilities can now take the fight to those create financial hardships. If you can’t afford to pay the filing fees, all JP courts have fee waiver based on income or being unemployed to file either the Tow Hearing (we don’t advise) or the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations. We provide a directory of attorneys, several charging no upfront legal fees with documented valid cases.

Always use your cellphone to take two photo, one of the tow sign posted when you enter from a public street or alley, not where you were parked as shown below.

Take the photo aiming at the driveway entering from the street

Take the photo aiming at the driveway entering from the street

Make sure any documents you are given at the storage lot, by a tow truck or booting operator are legible and always refuse to sign any document after payment has been submitted. (make every attempt to record any transaction should they refuse to release your vehicle without signing their paperwork)

All vehicle storage facilities, tow truck operators and booting operators MUST accept all forms of payment (except personal checks) and should they claim their credit card machine is down, per TDLR, they cannot charge any storage related fees. \

“Always” confront the tow truck operator hooking up your vehicle in a parking lot and state, “DO NOT TOW MY VEHICLE” and under no circumstance pay the driver any money unless your vehicle is fully ready to transport, even if you catch the tow truck operator before he/she leave the property. To better understand what “fully ready to transport” mean, bookmark on the smartphone our Drop Fee Scam page, which shows numerous photos at stages of hooking up your vehicle when do not pay versus photos of when you must pay a fee to get your vehicle released while still in the parking lot.

We hope this helps you understand the seriousness of illegal towing and booting scams so you be their next victim.

Supporting Texas Towing Compliance with donations makes sure this website remains online forever, something the bad tow companies hate with a passion.

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