Expired Sticker Scam

The orange sticker means nothing for expired stickers!

Occupations Code 2308.253 (d)(1)(2) states: an APARTMENT COMPLEX may not have a vehicle removed from the parking facility merely because the vehicle does not display:

(1) an unexpired license plate or registration insignia issued for the vehicle under Chapter 502, Transportation Code, or the vehicle registration law of another state or country; or

(2) a valid vehicle inspection certificate issued under Chapter 548, Transportation Code, or the vehicle inspection law of another state or country.

(e) A contract provision providing for the removal from a parking facility of a vehicle that does not display an unexpired license plate or registration insignia or a valid inspection certificate is valid only if the provision requires the owner or operator of the vehicle to be given at least 10 days’ written notice that the vehicle will be towed from the facility at the vehicle owner’s or operator’s expense if it is not removed from the parking facility. The notice must be:

(1) delivered in person to the owner or operator of the vehicle; or
(2) sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the owner or operator.

Basically, if your vehicle is towed for an expired inspection and/or registration and the registered owner did not receive a certified letter from the apartment complex, your vehicle was illegally towed.

You most definitely want to file an online complaint against the towing service for violating Occupations Code 2308.253 (d)(1)(2). The orange sticker on your vehicle for expired license plates or inspection sticker is not the required notice.  You should call the police to report your vehicle stolen, as probable cause did not exist to tow a vehicle for expired tags with merely an orange sticker! Confront your property manager by recording all conversations as they authorized an illegal tow and file criminal charges against the property manager as well. Direct them to this website so they can see their towing company is more concerned with making money than keeping them out of Jail. It is also recommended that motorists burned financially because of this ongoing towing scam, that you file an online complaint against the property manager and towing company with the Bad Business Bureau.

If you receive this required certified letter from the tow company instead of the apartment complex, without a doubt, your vehicle was illegally towed and are due compensation from the property management company and property owner.  Please file the online complaint against the tow company for providing something of value to the parking facility in connection with the removal of the vehicle, which is strictly prohibited by State Law.

If your vehicle was towed for anything listed on this page, your entitled to $1000 plus triple whatever you paid to retrieve your vehicle, including the filing fee for Justice Court against the parking facility.  Must file a statutory violation hearing instead of a tow hearing to recover this money. Sue the apartment complex and do not name the towing company when filing this hearing.

If the name of the person who authorized the tow is not provided on the release documents, there is no deadline other than the two-year statute of limitations to file the request for the tow hearing in any Justice Court within the County the vehicle is towed from.

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