Exact Same Towing Scam With Milstead Happening In Bexar County With Best Transport

Criminal Illegal Towing activity flourishes through out our State, with latest incident very similar to what has happened with Milstead. Best Transport of Schertz, Texas also towed without any of the required red and white towing signs posted, a tractor trailer belonging to United Van Lines. Matter of fact, the red and white towing signs that Best Transport gave the parking facility are still leaning against the wall inside the store.

This latest criminal illegal towing victim, is a private investigator.

Best Transport has a bad reputation with the Schertz Police Department, like many towing companies and vehicle storage facilities are to law enforcement agencies in their community.

Best, like Milstead, charged unauthorized fees, by way of charging a tow fee for the trailer, when the tractor and trailer were towed as one unit. TDLR Senior Investigator Russ Taulli has already said this practice, is illegal.

Earlier, I was in a conversation with a law enforcement member of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in reference to the incident with Milstead, specifically, the conduct of Milstead’s employees and the Deputy that was called, when this latest victim, John Eakins arrived to pickup his wrongfully towed tractor trailer.

The Lieutenant agreed, that for Amy Milstead, not to have known about the 23 tractor trailers towed from the Flying J, didn’t whole water himself either.

From what I have learned about Milstead, they are large company, that has operated in Montgomery County for many years, and the incident at the Flying J was out of character for them, according to the law enforcement agencies we have been in contact with.

Regardless, several criminal offenses have occurred and those wrecker drivers who towed those vehicles without “probable cause” will be held responsible.

Just because a parking facility gives authorization to tow, doesn’t mean the wrecker driver can knowingly violate the very law they supposedly trained for to be issued a TDLR Occupation License.

I saw firsthand what the criminal actions of employees do to a company’s reputation.

If either these towing companies have any integrity, they would own up to their responsibility and refund those illegal towing victims their money. But, as for as Amy Milstead, her days on the TDLR Advisory Board are numbered!

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