Everyone Towed by J&J Towing in Austin is Entitled to Money Due to Illegal Tow Signs

Anyone towed or charged a drop fee within the past year by the notorious J&J Towing Service in Austin, Texas, 2014 will be the year to collect on money you paid them to retrieve your vehicle at several locations.

Franklin Sapp has been in the service station and towing business for over 40 years, built a reputation of himself as being honest but, supplements the income of property managers and business owners from where vehicles are being towed from.

State Law Prohibits Kickbacks of Any Type

J&J drivers can seen speeding to their storage lot off Bolm Road and Ed Bluestien with no safety chains, some vehicle taking of two vehicles and most front wheel drive vehicle damaged due to being dragged in park across the parking lot.

Furthermore, none of the towing signs that bear J&J Towing’s name are in compliance with State Law.  If you are towed from a parking lot and the towing sign states: “Towing Enforced At All Times”, your in luck to collect $1000 plus triple damages, because the phrase underneath the towing symbol can only say “Towing Enforced”.

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit www.texastowingcompliance.com
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