Denton Thug Gary Phillips, Owner of Texas Impound Services Fined $750 by TDLR

Gary Phillips, ringleader of criminal enterprise Texas Impound Services LLC

Gary Phillips, ringleader of criminal enterprise Texas Impound Services \

Gary Phillips, a shady businessman who thinks he is above the law, disliked by just about everyone in Denton county that owns a vehicle and known by many, a “THUG” received a $750 fine from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, because his lying daughter Lisa Phillips failed to report an illegally towed private property impound to law enforcement within the two hours mandated by State Law.

FullSizeRenderProperty managers love the cash kickbacks Phillips gives them for each vehicle towed from their properties, in addition to the free parking permits bearing Texas Impound Services, which are a violation per Occupations Code 2308.402. If your vehicle is towed from an apartment complex with these parking permits on vehicles, go filed the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations (2308.401 & 404) against the property management company and landowner leaving the tow company out of the lawsuit in JP Kerbow’s Court in Lewisville if towed anywhere within Denton County, as the other Justice of the Peace in Denton County have been bought off via campaign donations from Gary Phillips…

County: DENTON
Zip Code: 76208 License #: 647157VSF

Complaint # VSF20160011057

Date: 5/23/2016

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $750.

Respondent failed to provide notice to law enforcement within 2 hours that a vehicle was received by the VSF.
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