Dealing with Avalon Storage Services in Fort Worth Owned by Nick Massey

Nick Massey’s Avalon Storage Services screwed themselves earlier yesterday afternoon by failing to provide any information on who authorized the tow, not to mention charging storage after telling a vehicle owner their credit card machine was broken, failing to provide the VS011 form and then not allowing a vehicle owner to remove his vehicle with a trailer he brought to get his vehicle… Even the Fort Worth police officers who arrived stated this company’s owner is as crooked as box of snakes…With TDLR wanting revoke Massey’s tow company license, along with an $80K and now these 16 complaints which will be filed tonight, it’s going to be a costly event for the property management company who accepted kickbacks (recorded conversation) and TDLR will be going after this license as well……

Towing Company Parking Permits

Parking Permits or Orange Warning Stickers with Excalibur’s Name on them will pay you $1000 plus three times what you paid when filing the small claims lawsuit against the property management company for accepted something of value in connection with the removal of your vehicles, as a majority of property managers are accepting something of value who use Excalibur.

Sixteen vehicle owners have all filed their TDLR complaints after confirming on this website their rights were violated, against this company and provided the documentation, video, photos of unsecured vehicles inside the storage lot along with audio recordings…

Everyone towed by Excalibur is encouraged to give Nick a call or text at 817-538-3718 to voice your displeasure and hardship his company has caused you.

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