CWS Recovery Towing Vehicles Illegally Throughout DFW Area


CWS Recovery who tows vehicles from apartment complexes throughout the DFW area, is towing vehicles illegally, because their tow signs do not comply with State Law. A photo of their sign above, was sent to us today, is posted at an apartment complex in Richardson, Texas.

The person who sent the photo after calling the hotline, stated the property manager emailed all of the residents informing them their vehicles were subject to being towed for expired inspection/registration stickers. Problem with this, is State Law requires a Certified Letter be mailed to the vehicle owner allowing 10 days prior to towing. An EMAIL or ORANGE WARNING STICKER does not meet the notification letter REQUIREMENT.

Below is the tow sign example the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations tell tow companies they must abide by, but one can clearly tell the CWS Tow Sign is not legal, period.

tow sign example

Furthermore, the tow sign is out right wrong as it lacks the statutory phrase, “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Owner’s or Operator’s Expense (MISSING VERBIAGE) , and this phrase cannot be added onto a paragraph as shown on the sign. Also a problem is the red background beneath the tow symbol contains text not allowed by State Law, as this area is reserved for one of the three, “Towing Enforced”, “Towing and Booting Enforced” or “Booting Enforced” and the white background where the tow symbol also has prohibited text.  Look closely to where the sign says you can be towed for taking up two spaces and not parked head into a parking space, these two reasons are not authorized by State Law. The following PDF file is of case against another tow company who towed vehicles for these reasons.

Download (PDF, 108KB)

Given the fact that CWS Recovery’s parent company is Signature Towing, who is contracted tow company for the Richardson Police Department and the Police telling victims to contact the tow company instead of taking a police report is proof neither the tow company or the police department are obeying the law which carries a criminal penalty subject to arrest.

IF your vehicle is towed, regardless the reason and the sign at the top is posted, take the property manager to Court and collect $1000 plus three times what you paid to get your vehicle. In addition, to filing the TDLR complaints against the Tow Company’s license, call the Plano and Richardson Police Chiefs and ask them, why they allow their tow company to engage in criminal conduct with impunity.

Download PDF
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