Criminal Enterprise Reliant Towing Creates New Illegal Tow Sign

Nothing surprises us with Mark Schroeder when it comes to engaging in organized criminal activity against the citizens of Austin reference illegal towing. In the latest discovery, Schroeder has created a tow sign that without a doubt does not follow State Law by adding words to statutory phrases in “quotes”. It cost no more or less to make a legal tow sign, but Schroeder likes playing games with the public to which sooner or later is going to get one of his drivers hurt attempting to tow a vehicle with an illegal tow sign posted.

Illegal Reliant Tow SignYou cannot add words or verbiage to the statutory phrase under 2308.301:

“Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Owner’s or Operator’s Expense”

Due to the added word “THE” and the period “.” at the end of the statutory phrase, any towing regardless the reason with a tow sign as shown above is none so without probable cause and entitles a vehicle owner or operator to $1000 plus triple what you paid, in addition to the cost of repairs for damage done to your vehicle and the filing fees to sue to the property management company and landowner for this one violation.

Pretty simply if you ask us to score a win against that property manager that accepted an illegal tow sign from con artist Mark Schroeder, the owner of Reliant Towing.

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