College Station Area Tow Victims Continue to Retain TTC attorneys

To date, 95 vehicle owners have retained the prosecution team of Texas Towing Compliance to file a Statutory Violation or Theft Liability lawsuit against towing companies, property management companies and landowners for violations of the Texas Towing Law.

What never seems to amuse me is that TDLR is telling Brazos County area tow companies their tow signs are legal, but the Courts keep finding them guilty, saddling them with huge judgments.

I can’t stress the importance of questioning why your vehicle was towed, if in College Station and Bryan, Texas, as there is still no legal tow signs posted.

If you have been towed anywhere around the Texas A&M and Blinn College campus, take a photograph of the tow sign, where it is posted, the parking space you were towed from and send them along with the paperwork you recieved when paying for your vehicle to us so you can get what State Law entitles you to receive.

Also, take video of spotters working parking lots that call tow trucks, as a tow company that provides a spotter to a parking facility is something of value, which is a statutory violation of the Texas Towing Law.

Remember, if you were towed within two years of the date on your receipt, your in luck to collect and you can expect that no upfront legal fees will be collected.

It’s also of vital importance that vehicle owners and operators file an online complaint with TDLR regarding the behavior of storage lot employees and tow truck operators during drop fees, as TDLR will hold them responsible with huge fines.

If you do decide to file a tow hearing, be absolutely sure you file in Bryan in Judge Lara-Hooge’s Court, even if towed in College Station to receive a fair trial based on law instead of the size of the campaign donation.

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit
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